Hello everyone! Well, I heard from prospective landlord yesterday and I’m so confused! She’s one of those people who says something and then two sentences later negates what she just said! So she’s going on about how great all the references were and how we’re “in” and then she says she needs to talk to the lady who actually owns the house about a few more things and she’ll get back with me, then she tells me to talk over with Casey how we would like the lease to read then she says she’ll call me and she didn’t….so I’m confused, you get off the phone with her and blink in the (not) bright light and shake your head and wonder where you are….but I’ll give her a call when I’m done with this and see how things are going. (And a quick update for the confused among us, we like our house but not the $240 a month gas bills in the winter, not the ceiling that has started to come down in our bedroom, not the bugs that have invaded the house <like I seriously have to pick three or four out of the tub to bathe the baby and there are spiders spiders spiders everywhere!>, not the fact that there is NO insulation as its rotted away and especially not the fact that the lady who owns our current house told us its “as is” and she’s not fixing anything but “you can leave if you want”…) 

We went to the park this morning and the girls ran and played and shrieked to their hearts’ content. Last time we went to that park, last Sunday, there was a meeting going on by the picnic tables, which are practically on top of one part of the play area. This guy who looked younger than me is berating a bunch of adults (with children clustered around too) about how he’s sick of being the captain of a losing team and blah blah blah…well Casey thought it was Little League and I said no, its like one of those companies where you recruit people to be under you and the more you recruit the better for you and for the person who recruited you. But not one that seems upright and honest, but one that makes you feel weirded out.  So we agreed to disagree and dropped it. We were following Kaia around and she kinda stopped in one area and was climbing around. This pregnant lady with purple stained lips walks up to me and says (what a lot of people say) “how old is she?” and so we start chatting but I am immediately feeling weird vibes off this lady. She’s asking where we work and if we make good money and if we have any more kids and how long we’ve been together and how old we are and where we live and I’ve stopped answering truthfully by now because she makes me feel weird. She also is not getting the idea that I don’t want to talk to her as I am answering in as few words as possible and not asking her any questions…like the most obvious, when are you due? So then she wants to know if we’d like to make more money on the side with an easy computer business. I say no, thank you. She says, well its really easy to get started, all you need is a computer. I say, we don’t have one. She says, you can come over and use ours. I say, no thanks. She keeps going on  and on about this business and how it works and I am getting seriously pissed. Sheesh! You can’t even go to the neighborhood park anymore without someone wanting to sell you something! So then Casey calls for me and says Kaia fell down. I say to the lady, excuse me, and walk off. Kaia is fine, Casey just knew I needed to get away from her. She followed me!!! She’s walking toward us going, is she okay? is she bleeding? we flat out RAN to the parking lot and left. What the hell is wrong with people?! I have a whole family of people in sales and they are respectful enough to back off when people don’t want what they’re selling.

Drives me nuts. So today there’s this guy there with a couple kids and one of his kids was a little korean girl. He’s going on and on about Mina and Margo and making me feel weird all over again. So here’s my dilemma: am I just a social outcast that doesn’t like talking to people I don’t know? Or does my gut know something I am consciously unaware of ? I knew what that lady wanted when she walked up to me…and that guy and his questions were just weird in length and breadth and the fact that we’re each trying to watch three or four kids each…But at the same time I wouldn’t mind if one of the normal moms there wanted to chat with me…but I don’t want to tell some stranger my life story or my address any more than I want the government to be able to monitor what I check out from the library, its not that I have anything to hide its just that…I don’t know, I’m a privacy freak, I guess I’m just weird. Anyway.

Isn’t this just lovely?


After quiet time we’re going to take a dip, this will probably be one the last nice days so we’ll take advantage of it. I’ve already been around to say hello…hope you all have a great weekend! 

PS: How do you all like Desdemona? Isn’t she cute?!


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  1. There are some weirdos out there that I just prefer to not talk to!  I think its jsut your gut!  I was at the pet store today and this irritating lady kept trying to get me to by this other brand of dog food.  I was so irritated and was practically running from her as she was speaking to me.  Some people are jsut annoying.Enjoy your day and weekend.KElly 

  2. Those rings are so pretty! Are you getting them?
    That was creepy about the lady that followed you. I think I would not have been so nice about it. LOL.
    Good luck on the house thing! I am sure it will all work out!

  3. Happy Birthday Alicia, i know its late, and it sucks that you were always older than me…i just stumbled onto your site from jared’s…hahahaha i found you, just kidding…i hope the house thing goes well for you, Kim and i just bought a house in April, and it was the most stressful time in our lives…we are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in september by going down to chicago to see kate reinders play glinda in wicked, and then to milwaukee to visit my dad and step mom…your daughter is adorable, im jealous because i dont have any kids yet…but that is what 30k in debt does to you (not including a house)…hope things go well for you…i will be reading :)Mike

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