ARGH!! Doesn’t that just make you want to scream?! When you type out this whole long entry and then you have a “buffer overflow”? and the whole thing just shuts off. GRRR!

Anyway, I was typing away about how I’m getting a little more panicked by the day with this housing situation. I know we can find something, there have been several that we’ve turned down (because they weren’t any better than where we are now). I talked to the space cadet landlady on 8/8 and she said she accepted our 30 days and that it would be better for everyone if we could be out by 9/1….so I guess we technically have until 8/8 but still. You know, she also said she was going to place an ad in the paper and need to show the house this month, and I ‘ve been looking every day but she hasn’t placed an ad and hasn’t called to see if she can bring someone over so whatever to her I guess…kinda like they still haven’t cashed our July or August rent checks, go figure that one out!

I get so frustrated with these landlords who expect people to have sterling credit histories…I mean if you had such awesome credit would you really be a serial renter? Because why would you when all renting is is giving money to someone else and getting no equity, etc? If we could buy a house we would but we can’t and that really sucks. I also would like to point out that while I understand checking credit for former landlords or property managers that got screwed, if there isn’t any record like that then the rest of the report is a moot point, it in no way demonstrates whether or not you pay your rent on time or at all….plus a landlord is not loaning you money so the line about the report showing your willingness and ability to repay debt is garbage; if a landlord is really so concerned I would say don’t do a lease agreeement, just do a verbal agreement or some other written agreement giving them the right to throw you out if you don’t pay, I understand eviction can be a long process (though I have never experienced it myself) so why not just do a different agreement? I am looking at another house today and hope maybe it will be the one so I can quit giving myself an ulcer worrying about the whole thing. 

YEE HAW! Just talked (and talked and talked) to a lady with a house for rent, she’s supernice and I don’t know who the motormouth is, me or her, lol! We seriously were just on the phone for an hour…but we’re looking at her house tonight at 5:30 and she says that for her rental refences and job references are more important and that she really doesn’t do a credit check at all….WOO HOO!! So clap those hands and keep the fairies alive! Believe! Believe! …in the basic and innate goodness of your fellow humans. My faith in the race has been restored. Anywho, I’ll let ya know how it goes!

I’m tagging myself from female_valet’s site…so here is my thingamahoo! By the by, I have been the superachiever today and have already got round to say hello to you all…have a great day!

10 years ago, I was: a junior in high school, lol !!

5 years ago, I was: Just 21 and living it up! Sharing a house with my best girls, Erin and Sara with Whiskey the guard dog looking atfer us…not knowing that in just a year the world would stop at 9am and that I would meet my Casey.

1 year ago, I was: Feeling the burn with a nursing three month old and bad skin left over from hormone overload…wishing for a home of my own.

Yesterday: I tried to sneak in a nap while the baby slept (that piece of advice is bunk by the way) and getting irritated with the stage whispers going on two inches from my head and the way kids can’t just walk, they have to stomp. I also went to work and felt really tired, got a CD I ordered for my birthday and enjoyed it after work on the patio with a glass if Merlot.

5 snacks I enjoy: Bananas, Nutty Bars, Cheddar and Sour Cream chips, Cheese and Crackers and rice with soy sauce.

5 songs I know by heart: Way too many but I’ll try and pick five…                                All That Jazz from Chicago, Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett, Thank You India by Alanis Morisette, Hands by Jewel and Forever Love by Reba McIntire   

5 things I would do with a million dollars: Buy a house, set up a fund for Kaia, get married, invest, give

5 places I would run away to: I don’t believe in running unless I am running for my life, haha…no seriously, you can’t solve it by running away so I don’t think I could.

5 things I would never wear: Edible underwear (maternity either for that matter), pants with elastic waists, hose that come to the knee, string bikinis….tube tops

5 favorite TV shows: Lost, Desperate Housewives, Antique Roadshow, Amazing Race and the Sopranos

5 bad habits: I smoke, I drive too fast, I impulse spend, I eat chips for dinner sometimes, I am afraid of confrontation and sometimes get walked all over because of it

My biggest joys:                                                                                                            A clean house, my daughter and Casey, watching the dog chase ducks in the bay, sleeping late, a really good book and time to read it, forming an adult relationship with my parents and siblings, seeing my girlfriends, smelling fresh cut grass, sitting up late with Casey smoking and talking and having a few beers and remembering why I love him so much

My favorite toys: I love our digital camera, I like DVDs….um, thats all (does a washing machine or dishwasher count? lol)

5 fictional characters I would date: Jim Belushi from According to Jim (I know, its kinda weird and don’t tell Casey, but he really reminds me of Jim)


David Duchovny’s character in Return to Me

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings (although it could get messy if middle earth was at war)

Aidan Quinn’s character Albert from Legends of the Fall

Napoleon Dynamite (for pure entertainment value!) (sorry can’t see that one very well)

5 people I tag to do this….um mom, will you do it? Anyone else too, just leave me a note so I can go check it out….morewherethatcamefrom never would but it’d be fun if he did!


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  1. I think I missed something somewhere.  Did you have a falling out with your landlord?  ugh!  Im so sorry it has you so worried.  I thought you were looking at houses for the fun of it.  Seriously.  I do, but I am weird and bored like that.  LOL!My Mom used to make us this meal when we were kids.  I think it was a weight watcher meal but it was cheap to make and we were poor then.  It was white rice with soy sauce and scrambled eggs mixed in with it.  I looooooooved it and still do.I hope the house you look at tonight is the one!  Good luck.Have a great day.KElly

  2. I missed something too–thought the place you were in was working?/(But I have been awol alot this summer…)I hope it resolves itself for you, being uneasy about living situations is never good esp. with the little gal. God, I love Aragorn too although strangely not Viggo Mortenson himself when I have seen him. Too cleaned up.

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