Well it seems like the world is just rushing right by me this week. I can’t seem to remember my name most of the time, I think I’m just tired and I also think my wisdom teeth are coming in (no, they never did). I think this because the way way back, as far back as it can go of my jaw burns and hurts and I can feel some tooth on the right side…ack, I hope they don’t have to be pulled. Aren’t they like tonsils? Not everyone has to have them removed? I do still have my tonsils.


Talked to the lady with the great house today and she is concerned because we don’t have good credit and we have a cat, in that order. So I asked her if she’d called any of our references and she said no, but she would. and I explained away the cat situation, he no longer pees in the house (which I personally am grateful for everyday, lol). Its just frustrating because I also looked at two crap piles today, one had holes in the drywall and the old man from the old man and the sea (or something) living in a shed (I KID YOU NOT!) in the backyard….errr, no thanks! Like I’ve said before, it just is frustrating for the control freak in me to not know what hours I’m going to be working or where Kaia is going to daycare and or how we’re going to work out the whole car sharing thing or even where we will be living!! So I’m kinda freaking out..deep breath…deep breath.


Anyway, back to work for this girl…any of you who know how to post the little illustrations and stuff and would like to give a quick tutorial is welcome to!! Have a great night…..


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