Well, work kinda sucks tonight, no one will give us two minutes peace and I feel like junk. Had my annual today, don’t you all just love that?! I honestly don’t know why they even bother with the breast exam, what are they looking for? (I mean, I know what they’re looking for I just wonder how their technique is any better than my own)…Ack. so all in all its been a gross day.

Saturday night Casey wanted to give me one of my birthday presents (okay okay, so  I begged him and he gave in!)…it was the Chicago Soundtrack (the newer movie version) which I had at one point but lost somewhere. We were so bummed though because we put it in the CD player and it wouldn’t play! So we tried it in the car and still no dice. Oh well, he took it back for me and now I will have one that plays so I drive round looking like a moron as I belt out All That Jazz to music only I can hear, lol. We also went to the Buckley engine show on Saturday, and now, looking back, we’re like, what possessed us to do such a thing?! It was the stinkiest two hours I have ever spent. If it wasn’t pig stink it was diesel stink or even worse, a LOT of BO stink…do people not shower anymore? There purportedly were more than 500 stalls in the flea market area of this shin dig, we did go up down all the aisles looking for that perfect thing…the only thing I saw that I wanted was a rooster sitting on a chair looking in a mirror…I do love my roosters, but these were kinda cheapy plastic and after the handblown one my mom got me and the collectible carved one from Grandma D…well, suffice it to say that if I keep snatching up every bird that strikes my fancy I won’t be able to keep my deal with Casey (all roosters confined to the kitchen!!). So yeah, 500 stalls, one screaming child (and people are so nosy! “ooo, somebody sounds mad!” “ooo is she tired?”), one lady who told me the world is going to end in anarchy and airborn missile warfare….ummm okay, and all we got was 25 incense sticks for a buck, I kid you not. We trekked all the way over to the supposed petting zoo to see a calf covered with flies lying in its pen, three baby goats also reclining, several rabbits in cages with signs that warned against sticking fingers in the cages, one pissed off mule and two huge horses named Tom and Jerry who completely ignored us.

Sunday I slept in (YAY!) and Casey made breakfast for us. When I got up he had flowers on the coffee table and flowers on the dining room table (for my birthday). Kaia got me a new journal and some really cool handpainted rooster magnents, I also got just what I wanted which was a haircut. This lady chopped a good five inches off, so its shorter than I wanted but I feel so light and…well, I guess fluffy isn’t exactly the word, but you get the idea. Anyway, my stomach is hurting bad bad…thanks to all the friends and family who made my 26th so nice….I’ll be around to say hello later tonight or tomorrow….ta ta.


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  1. yay for sleeping in and waking up to a nice breakfast at a set table!  Sounds heavenly!  Im glad you had a nice Birthday!  26 is a great age.  Have a great night!Kelly

  2. Happy birthday!  It is hard to believe it has been 26 years.  I was hoping to hear about your visit with your mother when she was there the other day.  How did that go?

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