Well here she is! Kelly can see her so I think I must have stumbled into doing it right! She and I are driving down to Grand Rapids today to see my mumma before she flies out to Barcelona (?) tomorrow morning so I just cleaned the trash out of my car and took out the carseat and her toys and stuff because my dad offered to trade cars with me for the day. He does have a very good point, his Impala gets about 29 mpg and our Jeep gets about 12, lol! Well, (she says in a sobered tone, calculating the actual meaning of 12 mpg and $2.75/gallon) if gas prices weren’t so high it’d almost be funny. Its aboujt $2.75 a gallon up here, up from $2.55 last week. I was looking at Kaia’s baby book last night and they have lines where you’re supposed to enter the prices of things the year she was born, well one of the lines was for gas and in the entry I was outraged by the $2.20 a gallon they were charging. Sheesh.

How old is Diane Sawyer? She’s like the woman who never ages, Regis too, he always looks the same to me. Anyway, I’m gonna try and post a few more pics now and we will be blowing this pop stand in about three hours!! Mumma (and Grandma, Grandpa and Amy) here we come!! hmmm, thats a small one, oops.


  Hmmm….another small one, apparently the first one was beginners luck. Well everyone have a great day!


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