Ha Ha!! I have finally finally upgraded to premium, and I’ll tell ya, its a little scary. But look at this lovely girls, now you can all be bored looking at my pictures…!

I looked at a house yesterday and really liked it. It had a big clawfoot tub in the upstairs bathroom (there were 2 full baths) and three bedroom, one down, two up. Only things I didn’t like about it where: WAY too close to the road. After discussing it with my mom and Casey we have come to the conclusion that if we live there we have to know that its a huge risk for Phoenix (my orange bonus toe in the next picture)…he will not be kept inside and I know that if we live there he would probably get hit by a car. So thats out. We also drove by one in Acme on Acme road (haha, I’m not kidding, those are the for real names!) and we liked the location a lot more. We have an appt to see it on Saturday morning…

Well I think for  now I’m just gonna play with this and try and figure it out. I hope you all like the new lay out and don’t get too bored of my pics. I’m an overachiever this morning and have already been round to your sites…Have a great day!





4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh NO! I can’t see the pictures either! Are the Xanga gods being contrary again?!?!?
    Hope you find the house you want. ; )

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