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Along queenoscot’s idea…These are few of my own guilty pleasures…

Napping….I had to steal this one from her as my first also. But I need the kind of nap that involves more than an hour and lots of drooling. And its just not a pleasure I get to enjoy very often with Kaia running around…

Changing Kaia’s Clothes…this is one of my favorite pass times, although she has figured me out and now has to be restrained for this exercise. But seriously, the kid has more clothes than she could wear in a month, even if I didn’t do laundry…plus she’s a girl therefore a little doll that mama plays with (yeah, I was one of those girls who loved Barbies for an unnaturally long time).

Reading…as queenoscots said about napping (that she does whenever she damn well pleases) so I say about reading….Spending time with kids is different and better and worse than adults. Better because you don’t have the nasty jokes or language, the backstabing and politics, but bad because they NEED you and you have no privacy. People say “I don’t know how you read so much! I wish I had time to read….(insert wistful sigh)” I have time because I make time, because spending my days with three kids under five and Noggin in the background softens my brain and it needs firming. I will say to those of you who wish you had more time to read, that people make time for what is important to them, and I have spent many sleepy days after staying up deliciously late finishing a novel.

Eating is another guilty pleasure, who doesn’t like a big juicy cheeseburger or ice cream on a hot day? I really believe that I am not an emotional eater, that I eat because I love food.

Housework…as much as I complain and dread it…once I get started I’m simply hooked. And there is nothing like the satisfaction of empty laundry baskets, shining floors and gleaming toilets….ahhh….

So thats all for guilty pleasures now…I want to finish up The Caine Mutiny…


Well well well…Here I am, back in the neighborhood.

Last weekend (Aug 5/6) we went downstate for the end of the famed Coast Guard Festival, which, sorry Cherry Festival fans, is way better. We went down for the parade and watched until we saw my old high school marching band (not marching in full uniform, by the way, which made me huff and puff because we always had to! and that included no sitting down in the hour or so during line up as the pants were white), its amazing how the familiar sound of an old drum cadence can bring tears to an old lady’s eye; I heard them coming blocks away…I turned to Casey and said (all glassy eyed and sniffly) “I’d know that cadence anywhere! Here they come!” (small rise of voice due to hysteria)…

We left after that because Kaia was needing a nap and being crabby. We went back to Casey’s mom and dad’s house and played some Texas Hold’em. I beat all the Hager boys down!! $1.25 each so I won the $5 pot!! HA! I will admit that I mostly had no idea what I was doing, Carl, (Casey’s older brother) was dealer and he would say “its Alicia’s” (with a tinge of weariness in his voice after all) and I’d be like “oh? thats neato!”….LOL, I really had no idea. So call it luck, not skill.

We dropped that letter off to our landlords last week, the one demanding that they fix everything from the screens that don’t fit flush with the frames to the 50+ year old furnace. They called over the weekend while we were away and I gathered my courage and called back on Monday. Then she came over on Tuesday and was there so long she had to leave her car running! She comes trotting in with pig tails (and I’m sorry but most people over the age of say, 11, can’t get away with pig tails and she’s a lot older than 11), bedroom slippers and lipstick in that very popular 80’s fashion of the palest pink possible covering her lips and a good 1/8 inch around them….She was getting more and more agitated and I just had the feeling that she wasn’t mad at me, per se, just mad about something. All she said was “mm hmm, uh huh” etc etc over and over again with violent nods of her piggy tails. She was out the door and I was left with the impression that we had thirty days to find another place as our house was, and I quote, “kind of an as-is deal”….So we started looking the next day.

We looked at one that is (and let me clarify here, Casey works on the south west end of town and I work and we live now on the north east end, about a 20-25 minute drive) by Casey’s workplace. Its awesome in that its a large lot in an older subdivision. The backyard is on a resevoir of the Boardman river (you can see the river dam too) and its a ranch style house. The lady who’s renting it told me the tenants are moving out very soon as they are buying a house and are supposed to close on it today. She does do a credit check but we discussed that and I think she might work with us…so I’m waiting to hear from her, she said she would call this week after she’d spoken to her current tenants to see when we could look inside the house. We looked at one that was super cute right downtown which Casey immediately vetoed because “everyone is on top of everyone else”, plus it was really small, just so CLEAN! I’ve made about 20 phone calls now, left messages and been told “No pets”….We drove by a couple last night, one we laughed our heads off at because the guys wants $940 a month (which covers the utilities too) but this place was tiny and not very nice looking from the outside. The next one was in a complex, Casey thinks it will be huge inside, I’m not so sure, but since I’ll be driving out there later to look at a different one in the same neighborhood he’d like me to check. The one I’m going to look at is a newer duplex, one of those multi-level ones, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, HUGE inside, not much yard but it may be something we can work with…she also does a credit check (which my faithful readers know is something that could ruin me and that I strongly oppose) but told me yesterday in a conspiratorial tone that the owner (she’s his agent) would probably take one and a half months down because he is “highly motivated” to get someone in…like NOW. I didn’t know I could be so happy to see vacuum marks on carpeting but after living with hairballs in the corners (its been a HOT summer all over and the animals are shedding to leave me proof of their discomfort or something) and a wood floor that provides NO cushion to Kaia…wow, it almost made me teary!

We didn’t do much this last weekend, hung around, watched a few movies…just relaxed. Now I’m back at my dad’s finishing our final few weeks together before the girls start kindergarten and Kaia and I spend our days together and me my nights working….I want to come round and check all your sites so I will stifle this blabbering….I hope you’re all doing well and thanks to those who’ve been stopping by even though I’ve been slacking and busy….Have a great day!


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  1. Your mother would just like to comment that you are not an old lady! How could YOU be an old lady when I’m NOT an old lady but am still your mother?! Band cadences still make me want to march too….but we were a high-step band, not this lazy drum and bugle kind…..

  2. let’s hear it for high-step bands(!) and drum cadences.  Wait until it is your own child marching to that drum cadence.  Talk about bringing back memories!!  I cried the first time I heard it. 

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