So I gave up on “Visitors, a Vintage Novel” as it was crap (not in a raincoat, mom)…kind of like something I would write. I can only describe it as “prose-y” and trying to too hard.

Margo girl had an outpatient surgery today and came through with flying colors, brave girl!! Kaia has a summer cold and is snotting all over creation, she sneezed on my legs when she was talking to my mom on the phone today and left a big boogie, ack! She also is unbearable…what do you mom’s out there do when you’re 14 month old seems to have hit those terrible twos months too early?! She seriously will throw herself on the ground ad kick and scream if take something she can’t have away from her…if you close the bathroom door…but the baby gate up to keep her out the kitchen, etc. She fights like a big kid when you try to get her into her carseat…if you’re in a hurry, God help you! She MUST walk down the three stairs to the outside herself, she MUST walk to the car herself…pick her up and watch her scream. Why is my child acting like a brat?! Please help!

On the brighter side…we did enjoy a stressful day just the two of us today. I finally got the laundry that had been in the baskets put away…that’s about all. I hope all enjoyed your weekends…see you later. I’ll be round tomorrow to say hello to everyone as I’m at work now….


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  1. My daughter hit the two’s early too. We went through a “battle period” most surely. LOL. I think every kid is different, but with my daughter the only thing that works is calmly but very firmly telling her no. She ignored me when I first started doing this, so I most calmly picked her up like a football while she was kicking and screaming and put her in her room and block the door. Once, she settled down enought to where she would listen, I would talk to her and then let her out.
    But like I said, every kid is different and I know this would not work on some. I wish you luck, because I totally know how it feels when it seems like your little baby has turned on you! Hang in there.

  2. I prayed throughout the terrible twos!  Not only that they would end soon but also that I get through them without losing my mind!I have no advice really but to stand your ground so she knows who is boss.The sneeze and booger made me laugh out loud!

  3. Hi! I am most assuredly having this problem right now with Alex. It started about 2 months ago also at 14 months. I dont have a clue what to do. It makes me crazy how he throws himself on the ground in tantrums, hits, kicks, and when you say no he gives me this look square in the eyes that says ” Mom, I am going to do this” and then goes for it again. BLah! All I know is you need to get some rest because this stange might go on for a while. Thinking about it makes me want a nap…

  4. LOL, two of my three never had the terrible two’s, but had rocky 3 yr. old periods. However, my Shorty, the child of my old age,(lol) had a brutal 2 yr. old time. As for kids being brats…I think it is their job. Sorry, no comfort to you…just had a battle with my 16 yr. old over her attitude. Guess it just grows along with the kids,lol.

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