Holy crap in a raincoat! Last night was one of the busiest nights I have ever experienced in the hotel world I inhabit. For only having 15 arrivals when I got there it was just insane, its like everyone who ever thought of calling any hotel called us and all at the same time over the space of four hours. That phone rang and rang and rang, we’d have five lines on hold and each be on one talking to someone. I made an amazingly long 40 MINUTE reservation yesterday. You people do not live in the stone age, you know how long it takes to make a reservation, maybe five minutes?! It seemed like every question I answered for this lady made her think of ten more, it was pandora’s box, a trap, a dead end, no way OFF THE PHONE!!! This rarely happens: rarely do guests know about the way we code our rooms and all of the other weird stuff one needs to know as fundamental to the job but I had to explain it to her to make her understand why I could not give her room 101. So I will give you a crash course and you can pretend to be awed and grateful.

NDD1: this is most usually a non (note the N) smoking room with two double beds….usually standard, not many extras, but usually the least expensive.

DD1: What would you logically think this room to be? If you guessed that its just like the ndd1 but a smoking allowed room you should switch careers because some people I have trained have had trouble with these two, the EASIEST to remember….generally in someone new that spells trouble. 

Now here is where it can get trying….

ND6: this room is non smoking, but it double as a conference room, has one full size murphy bed, mini fridge, microwave, sink, etc….how about this one…

SDD4: this one is a two room suite, two doubles in the bedroom, one queen size murphy in the living room, mini fridge,. microwave, coffee maker, etc. 2 TVs…all you would really have to share in this room is the front door and the bathroom.

Now, I was trying to explain to this lady why I did not have one room type (HCAP), she wanted to know why we only had one room of this type. Here is the secret reason why, because people who assign room types sometimes get a little carried away. We have about a dozen different room types, some with big differences (like that ND6 and SDD4, they are a lot the same but different in ways that are important to people like smoking vs non, one is just a large room, the other two rooms, etc), but many very much the same. She  wanted to know all of the inside secrets….we also discovered she was looking at a map of the hotel that is at least five years old (she told me she’d stayed nine months ago) so the fitness center is in a different place, and other things have been remodeled. ARGH!!!

It was so frustrating…let me just add a helpful hint too, if you do call a hotel now or in the near future, resist the urge to come off as the seasoned travel who even knows room type codes….All hotels are different and have different codes…and even if I (me, the seasoned hotel worker, knower of the room types, queen of the reservations hotline, duchess of do not disturb signs, even ME!) tried to use a room type code instead of just saying, “I would prefer non smoking with one king bed, how much is that?” with another hotel I would be able to feel that desk clerk’s nose wrinkling in violated disgust, I would be able to see his eyes start to shift in a nervous way, I would be able to hear the wheels in his brain turning as he worked his mind over the possibility of…GASP!…a leak in the room type codes! I also would come off as a know it all, I’m better than you type and thats never good…as my mother is fond of saying (all together now)…You get more bees with honey that with vinegar!!

You all have a great day, I’ll be around later.


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  1. The joys of customer service!  *rolling eyes about the lady with a million questions*  hehehehe!  I hope your having a great day.  You posted so early!  sheesh!  Im a lazy butt!

  2. …its called service…some people just like to talk…it’s almost neurosis…hopefully you were able to clinch the deal for your employer…imagine the fun you’ll have with her when she actually gets there…

  3. haha Customer service with a smile!!!  Happy Friday to you….hope things are cooling off in your neck of the woods..they have here for the moment. the relief is nice!!!  The horses are enjoying the slightly cooler air. Have a great weekend….
    ps…im sooo sad you havent subscribed to me yet……boooooohoooooo 

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