So…. date night was very very nice! We did go downtown and have gyros at the U & I Lounge….for those of you familiar with Grand Haven, think Tip a Few but bigger and food just as good but cheaper. We sat in our booth and talked and talked, our gyros were SOOO good! and we a had a few beers just to feel young and free (ha ha). In Traverse there’s this thing called Friday Night Live, its vendors and face painters and magicians and different bands, etc, all on the main stree (Front) and its closed to cars. I thought it might be kinda lame but it was actually very fun! There were people and kids and dogs everywhere, I even had cotton candy! We went home and watched Coach Carter and I fell asleep, and thats about it! But it was very nice and we were grateful to have a whole night alone! Casey was being as loud as he could, he was stomping around and kept going in Kaia’s room and yelling…he’s funny.

Anyway…I will be around to check your sites later in the day …for now I have wrestle the remote away from Kaia again, she keeps turning the volume all the way up. Oh yeah! and we’ve made her first trip to the ER! It was horrible, she can climb up on the couch now and she was on the couch and fell off, bounced off the coffee table and hit the floor! Of course she’s screaming her head off, I called the hospital switchboard and they paged a doctor who said we should bring her in because when a wound bruises right away it can mean something is broken (I’m thinking of her poor beautiful cheekbone!). So we went in and were triaged by a 16 year old who kept flirting with Casey…they don’t have a waiting area so they had us sitting on a gurney in the hallway (!?).  There was a very very drunk lady in one room, an old man who’s naked butt I was sad to glimpse in the room across from us and an old lady who’s kids “had things to do” and left her in the ER alone in the third room. Finally we talked a doc and he picked her up and moved her around and talked to her and listened to her, etc etc. He said he thought she was fine, he couldn’t feel anything broken in her face and he said that he would not do an xray if she were his kid because the only thing it could turn up would be a hairline crack that they couldn’t do anything about anyway…so we went home and now she has the remnants of a pretty big shiner. Ack! It was horrible! I was crying all over myself…but anyway. Really must dash now, I’ll be around later!


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  1. Oh my goodness!  Poor little girl!  I am so glad she is alright.  I remember that first year after my little guy was walking it was nothing but constant banging his head off of everything.  I swear it hurt me more than it hurt him most of the time!Im also glad date night was a success!  I know my husband and I need one of them for sure!Have a great rest of the day!KElly

  2. Poor Kaia! Thank goodness nothing was broken.
    I had to take Haze to the ER once when she got a spider bite on her ankle. It was so swollen and bruised, it looked like it was broken! And I do remember all the “characters” of people in there, a little bit of everybody.
    I am glad to know everything went well.
    ❤ Jenn

  3. Too bad about your little one getting hurt!  My son’s first trip to the ER was years ago when he was just learning to stand.  He pulled himself  up on a little wooden child-sized chair, tipping over both the chair and himself in the process.  Yep–stitches across his bottom lip. . .

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