Well I feel as though I have been redeemed! I’m glad you all liked my post with my favorite movies…there are so many many more I kept thinking of but there are only so many hours in the day and just couldn’t keep editing and editing.

We’re sitting here watching the Cosbys, the girls ran in the Winnie the Pooh sprinkler mom bought for Kaia while I was still pregnant. They loved it though, after the initial shock of the cold hose water.Tonight Casey and I are going on DATE! I know! Holy cats, eh?! (and just for mom I’ll say…take off hoser!) We’re going to a place called the U & I lounge, which I have heard is a bar at night but has great gyros during the normal eating times. So off we go for a gyro when Valerie gets home. I just hope and pray that Kaia doesn’t turn her closest grandparents against her forever…because believe me, she is not all a bag of giggles! She is bossy and demanding and wants things her own way…maybe a bit spoiled, etc….sounds kinda like someone I know (tee hee….).

So I hope you all have a GREAT weekend, supposed to be super nice here (to bad I have to work) and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. ahhhh, date night and GYROS…what’s not to like. Hope all is going well for you guys, I have been so dang busy this summer, that will teach me not to overextend on the kid-stuff. But, it has been fun…I just keep waiting for some down time here. Take care, stay cool, hope date night was ‘spicy’ in a lot of different ways, lol!!!!!

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