Well. I will just tell the world one small feminine detail and you all can just live with it. My lower back is killing. I think its pms, but seriously, I’ve never had a backache like this the other eight million “times of the month”…It feels like back labor and if you don’t know what that is cross yourself and say a little prayer that you never do….

Work sucked last night. Its hot and humid and the All Star game was supoposed to be on Fox…so we had a bunch of people from the state park campground come over and pay $100 for a room only to find out (right when we did which  was not soon enough) that Fox for some reason was off air on our satellite system so no one could watch it. Plus the wireless system was down so no one could get online. MER!! And this chick I work with is being really snarky with me all of a sudden. When she started a few weeks ago I had my doubts but she’s defied them and done really well in her training (believe it or not there really is A LOT to learn)…Last night she was being outright RUDE to me…our boss asked her to cut some flyers up and she really said “WHY DON’T YOU MAKE ALICIA DO IT, SHE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING TONIGHT!” What the heck?! We walked 31 people in (thats 31 rooms with no reservation, just showing up) and checked in about 20 reservations…plus made countless deliveries of towels, etc AND took what seems like eighteen dozen phone calls…IN FOUR HOURS! But no, Alicia hasn’t done anything tonight…whatever.

I finished the Wouk book and I’ll say it was the singularly MOST difficult book I have read. The fictional story part of it was captivating, but it was based about 90% on actual WW2 history…concentration camps and all. It was hard to stomach. Three times I had to leave the room and cry, and it was a useless cry because it won’t change what happened. Today I cried when one of the main characters was finally reunited with her son and the book ended (see excerpt below). I also wanted to point out that I’ve taken a little bit of flack for the excerpt about Hitler not being “so bad”. Thats not what the character was trying to say, he was just saying that Hitler was bad, heck yeah, he was a syphilitic monster, but other nations, in fact, all of human kind was not blameless in that war. Did you know that every single country, even the United States, closed their door to Jews who wanted to immigrate (I think only Sweden let them in)? They would let no one in, the Jews had nowhere they could hide, nowhere to seek asylum. As early as 1941 pictures and written documents were smuggled out of Nazi territory and delivered to Churchill and Roosevelt and they did nothing. The author of the book put forth the reasoning that it was too horrible to be believed, nasty rumors and dark whispers, but surely not true, not a whole nation. Alas it was true, six and a half MILLION Jews. So I just wanted to straighten that out. It was an excerpt from a book, not my personal opinion. Having read this book and being laid low by my own sorrow for events more than fifty years passed has only strengthened my views and understanding of the catastrophic war.

Well, I guess we’ll go to Ersco and see Casey in awhile. He tells me he has the big bottle of IB Profen I couldn’t find at home there, and Tylenol is not touching this back ache. Maybe I’ll break down and just buy some Aleve, the only pill that ever seems to work. I hope you all have a great day!

“In a shallow, hastily dug grave in the wood outside Prague, Berel Jastrow’s bones lie unmarked, like so many bones all over Europe. And so this story ends.

“It is only a story, of course. Berel Jastrow was never born and never existed. He was a parable. In truth his bones stretch from the French coast to the Urals, dry bones of a murdered giant. And in truth a marvelous thing happens; his story does not end there, for bones stand up and take on flesh. God breathes spirit into bones, and Berel Jastrow turns eastward and goes home. In the glare, the great and terrible light of this happening, God seems to signal that the story of the rest of us need not end, and that the new light can prove a troubled dawn.

“For the rest of us, perhaps. Not for the dead, not for the more than fifty million real dead in the world’s worst catastrophe: victors and vanquished, combatants and civilians, people of so many nations, men, women and children, all cut down. For them there can be no new earthly dawn. Yet though their bones lie in the darkness of the grave, they will not have died in vain, if their remembrance can lead us from the long, long time of war to the time for peace.”

War and Remembrance, Herman Wouk


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  1. I had major back labor due to a tilted or backwards uterus.  Something like that!  I bet you really wanted to know. hahaha!Good luck with the girl at work.  She sounds like she is going to be pleasant.See you next post!Kelly 

  2. Hey hope things with the girl at work get smoother. Back labor sucks. My husband loves history and has seen every documentary possible. Anyway he has told me before that there are people out there that believe the everything that happened with the Jewish druing that time is not ture. That is was some hoax, conspiracy, or something. ?!? Isn’t that just crazy. You gotta wonder what people like that are thinking, if they are thinking at all. Anyway, just an interesting little tidbit I thought you may be interested in. Have a good one! Theresa

  3. I give you a lot of credit for reading the book and educating yourself on that sad part of world history. I can’t stand to read things that make me cry.
    Don’t forget to lay on your back and do those stretches for your back. They’ll help.

  4. Oh man, I had back labor with my daughter. She was twisted in the birth canal and they eventually even had touse forceps. It was no fun. With my son, it was all a piece of cake though, only took 8 hours.
    I love that book…I have read it too. I like books that make you think. Actually, I have always been fascinated with WWII and the holocaust. Many people do not know that the US turned their back on the Jews. The US likes to hide that fact in history. And back then up until today, there is still major anti-semitism everywhere. All you have to do is turn on the TV. (ie Southpark). It makes you wonder just how far we have come.
    Ugh, that girl at your work sounds horrid. I hate having co-workers like that. *sigh* Just try to ignore.

  5. I’ve never tried War and Remembrance, but I’ve heard others say it’s a tough read.  And the US is not without its share of selective memory and retouched history. . .

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