Hello again!! I have very much enjoyed my week off, it was nice to be with Kaia during the day, but today I am appreciating the company Mina and Margo offer her (read: free time for mommy!). I am almost done with my mountain of laundry, Kaia is supposed to be napping but I hear her in there chortling in a very evil sounding way.

Of course I did still work nights/weekends at the hotel and it was the same old same old on that front too. People complaining about everything (we seem to have a very healthy crop of complainers this summer), for example: there were too many kids in the pool. Hmmm….I think any time I looked at the monitor (there’s a camera down there) the most I saw was maybe a dozen. It is a regular sized pool….anyway, dumb stuff.

We just kinda hung out for the most part. We did go down to the Cherry Festival and let me just blunt this with all the town-we-live-in-pride I can muster….It was dumb! The much lauded “open space” was all food vendors, capped on one end by a trailer the size of a double wide. This trailer was an Alltell trailer…and that should give you a pretty good idea of what a large commercial the whole thing was. Dock dogs was okay, but by the time we got down there they were winding down so it seemed like a long time between jumpers, with half of them not jumping in at all. Plus it was super loud because it was out by the patio of our local Holiday Inn and they had this horible band going with all the old bar tunes…Mustang Sally!!, etc. Paid $4 for a draft beer…people kinda snooty about their dogs…all in all it was lame. We didn’t make it down for the fire works this year, we laid on the bed in front of the fan watching a movie (both times as they did them on the fourth and the eighth to mark the end of the festival) and listened to them BOOM in the distance…of course becaused I’ve been reading too many war stories I was imagining them as cannons and guns…but I’m weird and we’ve already established that so lets move on, shall we?

Sunday was a HORRID day…I got up when the alarm went off so get ready for work. I was irritated becaused I’d forgotten to change the time and it was so early. I was rolling over and my back caught, right in that bad spot between your shoulder blades. I thought if I kept moving it would work loose. Nope. Within a few very short minutes I was pacing the length of the house keening (that really was the noise I was making because I couldn’t get a deep breathe) and bawling and wondering how I was gonna make it through work. Anyone who’s ever worked anywhere knows that calling in sick on what will one of the busiest days of the year is not looked kindly upon. So Casey helped me get dressed and off I went. It did start to feel better…then it was crazy busy at work, and just as I was getting ready to leave I squatted down and my “new” uniform pants ripped in the crotch!!! Which is crazy because the waist band on these pants comes about to my bra line and the rest of them are huge balloon pants…HUGE! Yet I must have squatted just so to put just enough pressure on the wrong seam and RRIIIPPPP! Oh well.

Well, Kaia is most certainly NOT napping and I need to get this laundry done. I’ll be around to catch up with everyone tomorrow…bye!


From War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk

“I was a man of nimble Talmudic wit…I was at my best in my youth, a prodigy. My parents too me from Poland to America. I expended my gifts there in pleasing the Gentiles…I dropped my Jewishness outside and inside…in this I was successful. This period of my life stretched from my sixteenth year, when I arrived in New York, to my sixty-sixth year, when I arrived in Theresienstadt. Here under the Germans I resumed my Jewishness, because they forced me to.

“I have been in Theresienstadt about a year. I value this year more than all my fifty-one years of hefkerut, of being like others. Degraded, hungry, oppressed, beaten, frightened, I have found myself, my God, and my self respect here. I am terribly afraid of dying. I am bowed to the ground by the tragedy of my people…But the words of the Talmud lived on our lips and burned in our minds. I was born to carry that flame. The world has greatly changed, and the change was too much for me, until I came to Theresienstadt. Here I mastered the change, and returned to myself. Now I will return to Oswiecim (Aucshwitz), where I studied in the yeshiva, and where I abandoned the Talmud, and there the Jew’s Journey will end. I am ready.

“There is such a world still to write about Theresienstadt! And ah, if a good angel would but give me a year to tell my story from my early days! But these scattered notes, much more than anything else I have written, must serve as a mark over the emptiness that will be my grave.

“Earth, cover not their blood!”


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  1. After a workday like that, it can only get better! I have a very funny mental image about pants-to-the-breasts that look like balloons…..not a very pretty picture! lol!
    I can’t bear to think of the Holocaust. The suffering. I don’t have the words..or heart…to even contemplate it. I could never read the book you’re reading. Never. But it’s good that each generation knows these things so that they never happen again.

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