Back for more, hello all. This may be my last post for a few days as I’m off from the kids for a week. I’ll be at the hotel more but using the internet for personal things is strictly verbotten so I can only do it depending on who I’m working with and their tattle tale level.

Well, when I go today Kaia and I are off to pick up my hotel paycheck, to the bank and then to pick up my hotel uniform (ACK! navy blue polyester!). Then we’ll pick Casey up and Kaia and I will go grocery shopping while he cleans for our much anticipated company. I really am very lucky that he agreed to clean, I know its mainly because he HATES Meijer (I don’t know why, its my favorite place, and how sad is that?!) but I just feel grateful that its not all on my plate and that he does help quite a bit with the housework and the baby and everything.

Tomorrow I have to work from 7am-3pm and after we’re going down to the Cherry Festival ( to watch the dock dogs ( and check out how good the competition is. Last summer we were down at the park and Dakota was playing fetch with Casey. Casey would toss the ball far out into the bay and Dakota’s first jump or two into the waves are always huge jumps that, in fact, have made us laugh every time we see him do this. Some guy with a chocolate lab came by and gave Casey his card saying Dakota looked like a great jumper and we should enter him the dock dogs competition. All it is is a long dock, the dog owner throws a ball and the dog jumps off the dock, whoever jumps farther wins. I think the record in Traverse City is about 22 feet off the end of the dock. So we’ll go down and watch this year and maybe enter Dakota next year. I can see him either blowing the competition away, or throwing on the brakes when he realizes what we want him to do and going ass over tea kettle into the drink! Either way it’d be fun though.

Well, my laundry is done, the dryer just beeped at me. So I guess I’ll get a shower and pack up so I can get my stuff done this afternoon. Hope you all have a great fourth of July, and that you all take a moment to truly reflect on the freedoms the fourth celebrates.  


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  1. Busy girl!  Whew!  Have a great weekend with your visitors and work.  Sounds like it will be fun!Kelly

  2. Hey!!! Hope your having a fun vacation!!! I watched the dockdogs… girls and i loved them….i wanted the black lab to win tho…. the one that got second….hopefully that isnt against the one you were there to see….oops.  :/ have a great 4th…

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