Hello everyone, crazy times, crazy times! Work can be so insipid and boring sometimes….I work with a girl I simply can’t stand. I’m not that kind of person, really I’m not, but once in a great while I meet someone I just can’t get along with and this girl is one of those. She simpers and whines about everything, she’s embarassing to be at the desk with because she never smiles, never says please or thank you, have a nice stay, etc. The way she acts everything is an inconvenience for her, she truly drives me crazy. She also, apparently, knows everything at the tender age of about twenty. So if someone older and wiser (read: me, but only by a little!) tries to suggest something to her she looks at you like you don’t know what you’re talking about, the look on her face flat out says “I don’t believe a word you’re saying”….ahhhh, the perils of returning to the grown up world. Plus I keep hitting tab when I mean to hit enter (because thats how the computers work at work) and its messing me up in the course of my normal online browsing….

Looks like Amy (my little sis) and her boyfriend and best pal are coming up this weekend and staying at my place. I’m SO EXCITED to see her!! LOL, I think the three of them will get a crash course on the sleeping habits of the young and the restless in the meantime…I did suggest they camp in the yard for exactly that reason, but they’re welcome anywhere and they know that.

Just waiting to leave my day job now…I guess some wires got crossed so I’m here a lot later than normal. I guess we’ll just have to run our errands and stuff tomorrow night instead. We need to transport a lawn mower, dump some trash (because a perk of Casey’s job is being able to use the big dumpster at work therefore saving all the guys the cost of trash removal), go to Meijer, etc. Kaia is so crabby! She’s been tailing me all day, sticking to me like copper on a penny, I have asked her several times to back up a little but she currently has no comprehension of “personal space”. Anyway….I shall retire now to the deck for a cigarette…my good deeds for the day counter is way up as I have fished what I believe to be the same stupid frog out of the pool at least eight times, plus his little friend three times, so I’ll check and see if he’s hopped back in. For the record, of course I do not touch them, ACK! I use the skimmer. Ta ta everyone, until we meet again, and double thanks again for all of your kind comments regarding the african queen (that’s what we called Sambuca and I don’t think I should say why as its not exactly politically correct…suffice it to say we always meant it as a complement to her) and triple wham bam thanks to mom, she knows why.

War and Remembrance….page 174

“Why? What’s so freakish about Hitler? Why are the Germans more wrong in trying for world mastery, than the British were two centuries ago when they succeeded? Or than we Americans are, for making our own bid now? What do you suppose this war is about anyway? Democracy? Freedom? Fiddlesticks! It’s about who rules next, who fixes the currencies, who dominates the markets, who gets the raw materials and exploits the vast cheap labor of primitive continents!…Mind you, I think we’ll win. I’m glad of that because I’m a liberal humanist. Radical nationalism like Hitler’s and Stalin’s tend to crush free thought, art and discourse. But I’m honestly not sure at this late hour of my life, Natalie, whether human nature is happier under tyranny, with its fixed codes, its terrorized quiet, its simple duties, or amid the dilemmas and disorders of freedom.”


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  1. So now the “insipid one” has had her last day and maybe you’ll get someone with whom you can even be friends–wouldn’t that be cool?! Hope for the best!
    War and Remembrance sounds like the type of book you like to read–deep thoughts and ideas. 🙂

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