More warm weather yesterday, I should probably just get on the stick and accept that summer is only just beginning and the dog days of July and August will be about 120 degrees…

It did cool off nicely last night though, and I finished Winds of War while Casey channel surfed because all that was on was crap. This morning on our way in to work we saw a really cool antique looking couch and chair sitting on the curb on front of someone’s house. We wished we weren’t already running late because I want them! Although, after some thought, where the heck would I put another couch? Maybe just the chair…I’ll try and talk Casey into picking it up after he drops me off tonight…speaking of which, I forgot to bring my work clothes so I’ll also have to ask him to get out of work a few minutes early so I can get home and change.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say today…just the same old same old. So I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll be around to say hello later.



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  1. Did you try to 1/2 frozen bananas for Kaia? They’ll keep her happy in her high chair while mommy or daddy has to be busy…….and don’t worry, winter will come again. lol!

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