Well. It was a long weekend just because its been so stinking hot! I worked on Saturday at ye old hotel and the 11a-7p shift was actually not as bad as I had feared. I’ve always found the last two hours in a 7-3 or 3-11 are the worst because its slow and you’re bored and sick of being at work. But I did like the 11-7, which is good because I work it again on Saturday. Saturday night we laid around and tried to keep cool, Sunday I worked 9-3 and we were very very busy so the time kinda flew by. But it sucked because for every person who enjoyed their stay there was one right behind them who was irate.

Now let me point something out to those of you who are not familiar with the inner workings of a service industry. If you got into your room and pulled back the bed covers only to find that there were no sheets on the bed, why would you call down and yell at me? Front desk clerks do not make beds or check rooms to make sure the beds have been made. I will be just as shocked to hear about your bare bed as you are to find it. So couldn’t we all just put our heads together and think of a way to make you happy instead of getting snappish? Most of the issues we faced on Sunday were housekeeping issues. I even asked my supervisor about it because I have never dealt with so many complaints in a single morning, this was enough complaints to last six months. He said “well a lot of the housekeepers are new”…..AND?! I wanted to shriek…What I would like to know is this: If there is a new housekeeper and that new employee is cleaning rooms alone, they obviously have reached a point in their training that would allow them to work alone. Thats my first point: You can’t say mistakes are made because a housekeeper is new. My second point is the fail safe, that head of housekeeping who is supposed to be checking the rooms, and, when finding them satisfactory, reporting to the front desk that they may now be rented. Where is that person for the room that has a bed with no sheets?! Its laziness and thats what makes me angry…Anyway.

Sunday we went down to the state park here in TC and it was about 90 degrees, which is too hot for this old broad. I promptly went home, said ta ta to Casey’s mom and dad, stripped down to a nightgown and laid on the couch in front a fan for the rest of the evening. Anyway…I’m tired today and have a long week ahead of me. I’ll start here at 8am tomorrow, go to the hotel at five and be out of there at nine pm. Wednesday I’m working here from 8am until probably 7pm, Thursday its another 8am and then onto the hotel at five until nine again. Friday is 8am here, and then Saturday is that 11-7 with a 9-1 thrown in for good measure on Sunday. But I want the cash money so I guess I should just take a little nap in the bed I made….I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be round to visit your sites when I find the energy.


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  1. Girl, those are some long hours. Throw in mothering, and no wonder you are exhausted. Good thing you are young, lol!!(ha, I always say that to my daughter when she details her busy schedule and it drives her nuts. I dont really mean it–she works very hard too.) It is supposed to cool off here in Chitown by midweek, so maybe it will reach you up there a day later. That is really hot for where I think you are, for June, isnt it?? We went up to the Leelanau Peninsula 2 summers ago, and stayed at that Homestead Resort. The condo we rented was huge but filthy, and NOT cheap. However, the area was gorgeous, Sleeping Bear Dunes, etc etc and we had a blast. Hang in there.

  2. I’m going to say the same thing to you that my mom has said to me for years, “I wish you could just take care of your house, and your kids, and your husband and just do a little something on the side….like work at the school. I hate it that you have to work so hard.”
    I do, bubba, I do.

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