Kaia had her one year checkup yesterday. Casey was able to get out of work a little early to stay with M and M so I didn’t have to haul everyone in to the doctor’s. Her doc is a third year resident and we both like him, he’s very knowledgeable and good with Kaia. When the nurses came in she just went nuts, she had her little arms wrapped around my neck and just cried. But they weighed her and she’s just a bit shy of 20 pounds coming in at 19 pounds, 15.5 ounces. She was 29 and a half inches long also. She got her four shots (poor baby!) and the doc said that they have this computer system where you enter in the patient’s address and it comes back with whether or not the patient should have their lead level tested. Well our new address returned the verdict that she should. Problem is, they can’t just prick her finger, they want to actually draw blood so he had to write up a blood draw sheet for us to take to the hospital. I am not comfortable with this. When we lived out at my Uncle’s house he had well water but had filtered it, his house is new so the paint didn’t contain lead. Here at my dad and val’s, where we spend our days, they have well water, that is also filtered (I think….) and no lead based paints. At our new house we have well water and we filtered the tap in the kitchen. Since we need to replace that filter we’ve been buying water and that is the only water she’s had. The paint in our house is new and also not lead based, her crib is relatively new and doesn’t contain lead based paints….I just don’t see the point. When I had my IV done while I was in labor with her they had three people stick me before they could get a good vein, and you can see my veins and I’m a full grown person. Kaia is a little baby and I can’t see her veins. I have a hard time submitting her to a blood draw that will most likely be difficult and painful for her (and me!!). I keep having to remind myself that I am not a child, I am someone’s mother, therefore, I don’t have to do everything the doctor wants me to do, especially if I don’t feel its in the best interest of Kai. The reason we came up on their system, according to the doc who I found out lives about five houses down from us (lol!), is because most homes in our area have old wells and are older homes….I don’t know. What do you people think? Have you had to let a little baby have blood drawn? Plus I will admitt, I read Intern by Dr. X, which is supposedly a true diary of the first year in medicine as an intern. Part of this guy’s intern year included a month or so in pediatrics. He mentioned several times how hard it was to draw blood and start IV’s in little kids, and he also mentioned how he one time laid a 14 month old down on its tummy and pinched the kid until he screamed so he could see the jugular and draw blood from there because no one could find another decent sized vein in the kid. HORRIFIC!!! But it was also written in the early 70’s. That is my dilemma for the day. Also, Kaia is very whiny, I think not feeling too hot from her shots. So I think I’ll get her to lay down for me and sleep a little. I’ll be back later to check your sites and say hello.


EDIT** I forgot to mention that the reason they want the blood test is based soley on the location of our home, not on any suspicion that she may actually have lead poisoning.


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  1. Lord, I hated taking my little ones to get their heels pricked.  It just seemed so cruel!  And while I tend to trust doctors, I can see the value of a second opinion.  It certainly couldn’t hurt, and it very well might clarify things for you.

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