Don’t you just love when you take a huge swig of coffee and its cold?! ACK! What a day this has been already, I keep checking to see if its Friday the 13th and am reminded that, no, its only TUESDAY! We tried to watch The Aviator last night and I don’t know if we were tired or if it seriously was boring. But we turned it off and went to sleep about 10. I woke up at four and several other times pushing the cat off me (he was banished but we forgot last night to let him out). Finally gave in and got up at six. So I’m stumbling through the house, the dumb dog is walking right in front of me and on my feet and I walk right through a pile of cat litter on the dining room floor. Apparently said dumb dog was litter box fishing last night, nasty thing! I tracked cat litter across the kitchen and had to convince the dog that he really could go outside but that first he needed to move so I could open the door…I opened the door and that dirty raccoon that had been hanging around got into the trash and it was EVERYWHERE! Of course he was no where to be seen but I had picked up one of Casey’s work boots just in case to throw at him if he appeared. ….GRRR! Its all very irritating. I am currently trying to prevent Kaia from taking everything out of the trash basket…I should go, more later if I get a sec.


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