Hello everyone! I spent the weekend working at the hotel and am still at the same conclusion which is that hotels and the people who stay in them, work in them, play in them and complain in them are the same all over. Yesterday was HOT and humid because it rained in the morning just enough to make it seem even hotter outside. When I got home from work it was 86 degrees and the baby was running loose in her diaper. We hung out for awhile and headed down to the beach (one of many in the area). I thought the water was freezing but Casey picked up Kaia and waded right in! She seemed to like it, she was screaming and clapping, Casey got her wet up to her waist. As long as she doesn’t have to touch the sand (tell me how impossible that is!) she’s having fun. We got back from the beach and it was still really hot. The kind of hot where cat hair seems to clump up and little bits tickle your nose, where your hair sticks to your forehead…ack. We need to get some fans because our tiny little one does NOTHING for air circulation. (On the same note, our stupid little clothes organizer in the closet has crapped out on us…so yippee! one more un-needed expense for buying something to store clothes in). If there had just been a breeze it would have been a different story, but it felt like walking through soup the air was so heavy and wet. Listen to me get on about hot weather when only a few months ago I was feeling that this time of year couldn’t arrive soon enough!!

Kaia is walking everywhere now, I see her crawl somewhere maybe once a day. She also is perfecting her run, but at this point its kind of a heavy footed….hmmm…to phrase it in a sentence I would say she “trundles along”…does that seem clear? She also is very moody and seems constantly to be suffering from PMS. This is annoying because she doesn’t see reason, she has no capacity for logic. She wants what she wants and right now!! And usually what she wants is piece of paper that I need or some kibbles of dog food…to stick her hands in the dog’s water bowl…to not take a nap or get a diaper change…etc.

Many of you mentioned my comment on reading “To Sir, With Love”. The book was actually written by Mr. Braithwaite, the man Sydney Poitier played in the movie..and it is his actual and true account of his first year teaching. It was very good, better than the movie because you get a lot more background on him (like that he was an RAF pilot and trained as an engineer but no one would hire him because he was black). I did not have what seems to be the misfortune of seeing the sequel, but have found that most sequels do not live up to the first movie (Indiana Jones and Bridget Jones aside)…Anyway.

I also wanted to say that coming to agree on the name, Kaia, was a hassle. I wanted to name her Charlotte, Casey kept saying only that he wanted to name her Bunny, which he was kidding about but seriously, I was thinking, give me something to work with. Every name I threw out there and he would just say, “no”. So we were driving downstate and had just gotten to the turn off for 31 south in Ludington (before we learned that this was the long way to go) when I said…because I had been thinking of all the books I’ve read and names I liked in the books, I thought of Kyra from Bag of Bones by Stephen King and then of the baby who died in the book who would have been named Kia (I would only hope and pray that they would indeed pronounce it Ky-a not Key-a, like the car) and I said (yeah back to that now)….what about Kaia? And Casey said, thats the one! and then we saw a rainbow and it was a sign so now we have our darling (I use that word loosely as she is right this second wandering in circles and crying and I don’t know WHY!) daughter Kaia Blue. (Blue spelled correctly because, I’m sorry, but when people spell things wrong for the sake of cuteness it drives me nuts….re: Kwick Pic…Kute Kids…Kids Kreek…you know what I mean)…

Its about 70 degrees now and always breezy up here for some reason (when the air is a stagnant pond over at my house) so the windows are open and I’m soakin’ up the sun. I hope you all have a great day!!

PS: I have this ad at the top of my screen that says “ask the crystal ball a question” so I did. I asked “when will my child stop whining” and here is the kicker…five minutes later its still thinking!



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  1. yes, lol, I shuddered as I signed up my Shorty for two sessions of “Kiddie Kamp” this summer. Why?? It doesn’t make it any more appealing or fun sounding, at least to me. Mystery of modern life.

  2. I love your daughter’s name! People ask about my daughter’s name a lot too. I actually came up with my daughter’s name by looking in a baby book and liking the name “Hayes” for a boy, so I decided to name my little girl that but spell it differently and voila!–that is how Haze came to be. People either tell me, “Oh, I love that name!” or they are like, “Ummmm…okay.” Ah well, can’t please everyone! LOL
    Have a great day!

  3. It’s true how we wish, wish, wish for warm weather to arrive. . .and then tire of it quickly!  Humans are something, aren’t they?  As for naming your kids, both my daughter (Caitlin) and son (Taylor) have popular, trendy names–but not on purpose!  When we chose Cait’s name 18 years ago, there was nary a Caitlin to be found.  She’s still the only one in her graduating class.   But within two years not a week went by without a new little Caitlin in the birth announcements.  The year after our Caitlin was born, a neighbor couple stopped by to tell us they’d chosen to name their daughter Caitlin ever since they saw our birth announcement in the local paper.   But ay-yi-yi the spellings!  People always ask us how we came up with such an “original” spelling for her name, and I explain that hers is the traditional spelling and not a variation.  Taylor was named similarly before it became popular–we decided on the name after being involved with a theater production of Barnum (PT Barnum’s middle name was Taylor, and it is used extensively throughout the musical.  (We found it quite catchy)  Of course, there were Taylor’s galore withing a few years–and especially for girls.  That’s a bit of a sticking point for our son, who had thought his name was all boy until he started meeting little girl Taylors.  When it comes to names, you just can’t please everyone.

  4. I love your little girl’s name. Mine is Grace McKenna….. the only set of girl names my husband and I could agree on, lol. So, hopefully this time around I’ll have a boy b/c we can actually agree on boy names. 🙂

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