Very lovely out today, just warm enough to feel comfortable with a nice breeze. Kinda crappy inside, some people are in a mood and it just sucks to be the mean one…I finished Intern by Dr. X, which I haven’t been able to find on the not so amazing xanga/amazon ‘currently reading’ thingy…I just started To Sir With Love, which is an awesome movie with Sidney Poitier.

Looking forward to a lean weekend full of working. I work from 5-9 tonight and 7-3 on Saturday and Sunday. At least I’m working instead of sitting home wishing I had money to go play with…it can only get better I suppose.

Anyway, I think I’m gonna relax for a while as its quiet…plus after spending an hour in the car with children (even good ones), anyone would need some silence. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


And an encore for all the comments it got me last time…I’m gonna go do some sit ups!




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  1. I agree, “To Sir, With Love” is an awesome movie; however, I recommend staying far away from the sequel, as it is terrible. -Laura

  2. To Sir With Love is one of my all time favorite movies.  In fact, I know it effected how I taught, when I was a teacher.  I didn’t know it was in book form as well.  I will have to check that out.  I agree with Laura, the sequel did not live up to the original.  But, it was worth watching to see Sidney Poitier. 

  3. I want to know if your tum is sore from situps.
    I’m going to start doing some “tone up” stuff. Really. It won’t hurt my ankle and I’ve got to do something!

  4. I read your comment on MoreWhereThatCameFrom’s blog and you mentioned Bag of Bones. That is my all-time favorite King novel! And, I notice in your details you have a daughter named Kaia…you realy did like the book!
    I just watched To Sir With Love on Starz last week, but have never read the book. 

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