Hola Amigos! Well. I ventured down the secretary of state today again for a license this time. I have lost at least a dozen of the dumb things and I lost another on Saturday (I think). I drove all over town trying to get smokes on Sunday morning and out of the four places I went I was carded four times and of course, had no ID. Mer!! This time I was there forever and finally my number was called (after some tramp flitted in and went right up to the counter). Of course they can’t use the picture they used when you were 21 (on the old ID I presented for proof of person), they want a new picture. We took three, the first two I had a mountain of chins going down and out of site and the third and final picture I just happened to be looking very slightly away and sucking my bottom lip with my top two teeth. Effect: An albino beever. Oh well, I never can get a decent picture out of those people, I swear the blinding flash they use on their camera is made up of the same light in dressing rooms, picking up every flaw and bit of shine (and I don’t even have oily skin!). Anyway.

I finished the condensed version of Hotel and it was the kind of story you wish would keep going. As I said yesterday, he had everything right on except for the end part. But I think he got the end from the hopes of the hotel employees he knew, because it is how those of us who, for some insane reason, really care about the hotel wish our own story would end. The young assistant general manager is made head of the hotel to do as he pleases when the hotel is bought by a regular guest. Humph. I wish!

Beetlejuice is on and in a while we’ll go pick up Casey. Thanks, Dad, for watching Kaia while I went to the sec. of state, I appreciate it and hope she was good. I’ll get round to your sites in a bit.


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  1. …you are quite the reader…what’s next on your list of hotel reading…bedknobs and broomsticks?…thanks for putting me onto bag of bones…i read chapter two on the net and it was great…i tend to equate sk with scary schlock film…bones lent a whole new funny, human perspective…that king fellow…i have a feeling he’s gonna be really big some day…

  2. LOL, yeah, those pics–they create fat pockets and pimples where none actually exist–I think they have special effect cameras or something. Or else you look crazed, like a lunatic, because of the bright flash–my eyes are really wide and dazed in my latest license pic. The only person I have ever seen look cute is my daughter in her new license pic, but I think happy 16 yr. olds all look cute. Thanks, by the way, for your great post on my last entry–it was very well written.

  3. Ugh. I hate drivers license photos. Mine never look good either and I am always changing my hairstyle and/or color so when I get carded I always have to explain that that was my hair a few months ago but it really is me! Of course, I always get carded. I look like I am barely 18 in person. I am short and small with a roundish face and freckles to boot. People are always shocked when I tell them I am 23. *sigh*
    Hope you have a great day!

  4. I nearly spit Frosted Mini Wheats all over my keyboard when I read, “and the third and final picture I just happened to be looking very slightly away and sucking my bottom lip with my top two teeth. Effect: An albino beever”
    I choked instead but was able to save the keyboard. lol. You are a funny bunny.

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