Well, I have 25 minutes until Unsolved Mysteries comes on. We had lunch early today and now everyone is having their quiet time, with the exception of Kaia, she is waddling around fake laughing and whispering “who dat?” under her breath….she’s a funny lady. She has just appeared with a sippy cup, I have no idea where it came from, earlier she entered the room with a white colander on her head in Daniel Boone fashion.

I’m almost done with laundry, one load in, one to go. Its HOT today! I was just telling Casey on the phone that summer is here, it is almost June and 80 degrees outside, and I am not prepared in any way shape or form (especially shape and form, ha ha). I’m still trotting around wearing jeans and a sweater and people are looking at me like I’m nuts. The girl (lady? its hard to tell) next door is flitting around in her pink bikini…mer. Anyway.

I’m reading a book that is the condensed version of a book called…well…just look up at the “Currently Reading” and you’ll see. But this guy, the author, has me very impressed. He must have infiltrated a hotel and hung about for a year or so, because he knows all the things us hotel folk think are a secret. Its very odd, but everything has been spot on.

Anyway, speaking of hotels, I must call my boss back and ask him if I’m getting paid this week, because he called me earlier and wanted to know had I procured my soc card (I don’t have one) and I told him no, but it should come in the mail in a few weeks…I hope I am or it’ll be up a creek without a paddle for me.

I’ll be round to say hello to everyone in a bit, I think I’ll do some sit ups first.


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  1. sit ups???  nah!!!    it was hot here yesterday too…wasnt ready for that.  I wish we had a pool…we belong to one, but thats just not the same. After a very busy weekend and week here, after tonight with the girls graduation, im ready for some SLEEP!!! I still think Laundry NEVER gets done…just when i think im close…here comes another basket. haha  have a good day…

  2. You too? My kids appear with sippy cups I thought were long lost at odd times too! I wonder where they stash them? I can hardly ever find ne when I am looking for one! Argh!
    : )

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