Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Kaia’s party went off without a hitch, though I did find myself rushing around trying to get everything done the last hour before it started…I guess I should have listened to Casey, who was wanting to do everything NOW. It rained on and off for about the first half hour, but just big fat drops here and there, no downpours, thank goodness. As soon as the cloud passsed over us it was very nice. The food was great and the cake was so pretty! It was really yummy too. Kai got lots of cool new toys and she is having fun playing with all her new stuff.

On Sunday we laid around. On Monday, we laid around….lol. We were just plain lazy this weekend. I am in the middle of uploading her party pics to my yahoo photo thingy so anyone who wants to see them should email me with their email address and I’ll put you on the viewing list….I hope you all have a great day, I’ll get round to your sites later.


EDIT~~ Here’s my girl having her cake and eating it too…

Heard this song on the radio the other day and had been wondering what ever happened to Jamie O’Neal…its a great song though, for all you moms out there.


She’s never pulled anybody from a burnin’ building.
She’s never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans,
Screaming out her name.
She’s never hit a shot to win the game.
She’s never left her footprints on the moon.
She’s never made a solo hot air balloon ride,
Around the world,
No, she’s just your everyday average girl:

    But she’s somebody’s hero,
    A hero to her baby with a skinned up knee:
    A little kiss is all she needs.
    The keeper of the Cheerios.
    The voice that brings Snow White to life:
    Bedtime stories every night,
    And that smile lets her know,
    She’s somebody’s hero.

She didn’t get a check every week like a nine-to-fiver,
But she’s been a waiter, and a cook and a taxi driver,
For twenty years.
There at home until the day her girl was grown.
Givin’ all her love to her was her life’s ambition,
But now her baby’s movin’ on, an’ she’ll soon be missin’ her.
But not today:
Those are tears of joy runnin’ down her face.

    She’s somebody’s hero:
    A hero to her daughter in her weddin’ dress.
    She gave her wings to leave the nest.
    It hurts to let her baby go,
    Down the aisle; she walks right by,
    Looks back into her mother’s eyes,
    An’ that smile lets her know,
    She’s somebody’s hero. (Hero.)

      Thirty years have flown right past.
      Her daughters’ starin’, (Daughter’s starin’.)
      At all the photographs
      Of her mother, (Of her mother.)
      An’ she wishes she could be like that:
      Oh, but she already is.

    She’s somebody’s hero:
    A hero to her mother in the rockin’ chair:
    She runs a brush through her silver hair,
    The envy of the nursing home.
    She drops by every afternoon,
    Feeds her Momma with a spoon,
    An’ that smile lets her know:
    Her mother’s smile lets her know,
    She’s somebody’s hero.



7 thoughts on “

  1. Glad the party was a success!! Can you believe she is so old already? It goes ever faster from now on. I am still working on posting my first pics with my new xanga premium–I have to get my daughter to show me what to do. Sucks to be old and obsolete.

  2. Okay, thanks for the tears over my cereal. I am living in dread of my sweet little girl leaving my nest in 2 short years, and songs like this kill me!! Thanks, it was lovely. (ps. love Kaia’s picture.)

  3. Boy, I remember all those feelings in the song so well when you kids were little…(sniff…sniff)
    Will you still love me and feed me with a spoon when my hair is silver?

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