Chocolate caliente….MER. Its turned out to be quite a lovely day, given our dire forecast. I’m hoping it does this on Saturday for Kai’s party, rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon (I really hope it won’t rain at all but feel that is too much to ask). I called the bakery back and they are doing my cake with pink frosting and chocolate writing (not hot chocolate though, tee hee) just like I wanted them to. I am looking very very forward to seeing my best buds, Erin and Sara when they come up on Saturday morning for the par-tay…We still have to get food, presents and decorations for the mama cat and I wish I knew how many to expect. Dad, are you reading this? I am looking at 30, plus or minus ten…but I will talk to Val about it, never mind, thanks for the sweat shirt. Anywho.

We just got back from the Secretary of State and would you like to know how that went? Here is what we did. We ate lunch is silence (which is hard if you’re four and having soup) while Kai slept. When Kaia got up all hell broke loose, it was time to go but I couldn’t find her bottle or my car keys, everyone is yelling. We get into the car and everyone is buckled up. We had to stop at Casey’s work and get the papers for the this thing, so we did that, all the while the twins asking, “where is casey?” and he is right in front of the car, RIGHT THERE! For the record, young children have two volumes: SHOUTING and whispering. Kaia is growling and yelling “DA! DA DA!” and throwing her bottle at Mina who is upset because now she has milk on her coat. We get to the place (I can’t bear to type that again) and somehow make it into the building without anyone falling down or being hit by an errant motorist. We take a number. Don’t you love how when you go somewhere, especially into somewhere, with children they just stop for no reason? Like they could be content to stand in the doorway all day? Anyway. We are number 22 and they are currently serving, I kid you not, number 3. So we find three seats and sit down. “CAN WE OPEN OUR SUCKERS NOW  CAN WE OPEN OUR SUCKERS NOW CAN WE OPEN OUR SUCKERS NOW” over and over until someone takes a breath and in that brief pause I say “YES”. Kaia, of course, is against sitting on laps now that she is big, she must roam, must explore. Which is fine, just not at the DMV. She is walking back and forth between our chairs, some man is hearing all about Margo’s teeth and how “My mommy said it will not hurt when my baby teeth fall out and I have to keep my big teeth clean so they will not fall out” etc. Meanwhile Mina’s skirt is hiked up and we can all see her undies. I’m trying not to shame the child, I whisper “honey pull your dress down” “WHAT?!” is her response. I say, “pull down your dress sweetie, we can all see your panties” She says “MY PANTIES ARE BLUE!” LOL, wow. When we finally get to the counter Kaia decides she would like to try out her back flip. No, I did not drop her, but she just throws herself backwards at the weirdest moments, and she is huge to be carrying for longer than ten minutes. She is back flipping, Mina and Margo are seeing who can jump higher, in front of the camera where a guy is trying to have his picture taken, I am trying to hold Kaia, rope in the twins (who usually don’t act like this) and fill out some paperwork one handed all at the same time. WHEW!! But all that matters is that its done and registered and good to go for another year…after 45 minutes of beginning to think and then accepting that I have, indeed, entered purgatory.

Well, tonight we will probably just go home and relax. Tomorrow night I’ll clean and stuff, do laundry tomorrow, Casey needs to mow the lawn tomorrow…so for one night it can be peaceful ( I know, who am I kidding?). Also, the dog woke me up this morning, and he is very smart so I take back all the times I said he was dumb but well meaning. He knew what time it was, he must have, because two minutes before the alarm went off I woke up to his wet nose on my forehead. I whispered, “gotta go potty D?” and he gave a very enthusiastic YES by tearing out of the room and to the kitchen…smart boy, he can tell time.

LOST was awesome last night, but really just left me with more questions than I had to begin with. I’m so relieved they got the baby back, I didn’t think they would hurt a baby on primetime TV. I sat, spell bound, mouth hanging open almost the whole time. Except for the first 45 minutes I was at work and when the science teacher blew up I jumped and slopped coffee all over my white shirt…

Well I hope you all have had a great day, I’ve already been to your sites….see you all later! 


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  1. Ahhh, the fun of the (as Illinois calls it–) DMV.(Department of Motor Vehicles.) Your hijinks top mine, but about 3 weeks ago I was there with 3 “kids” too–my 5 and 8 yr.olds, and the just-turned-16-and-dying-for-her-license kid. We sat and sat, it was very crowded; the boys were fine because the big guy had his ‘Gameboy’ but Shorty needed several snacks and adjustments of various types. But I was uptight because my girl was uptight, and the boys were cranky after a while because I was kind of ignoring them to fuss over her. Luckily, she had taken driver’s ed. at the high school, so her road test was done already–that is one of the many things I love about public education!!–so all we had to do was wait for the paperwork and photo. (her written test was also done at school.) It still took over an hour since the idiots there work at a snail’s pace. We did emerge triumphant, but I totally know how you felt. Lost left us with so many questions, too–I think I have to find a discussion site about that show!!

  2. You should print out all your blog entries and then in six month put them in a book and try to get it published. Hmm……we’ll have to think of a funny name…….
    Have a wonderful b-day party. Tell Kai-bird that Granny’s heart is there….tell her mama that too.

  3. Ah…every day is an adventure when you take children to public places. I feel your pain…LOL. Many days after just going to one place with my two kids under 3 years, I am finished for the rest of the day. : )

  4. My mommy said it will not hurt when my baby teeth fall out and I have to keep my big teeth clean so they will not fall out” I say, “pull down your dress sweetie, we can all see your panties” She says “MY PANTIES ARE BLUE!”AH HA HA HA HA HA HA

  5. Oh, how I remember those days out when my kids were young!
    My 14-yr-old son and I are Lost fanatics.  We watched the last ep with our mouths open, and now we can’t wait until next fall to see what happens next.  That’s almost cruel!

  6. HEY!!! hope your party was as nice as ours turned out!! Our weather was very nice…a bit chilly at night but the firepit was helpful on that part. I have never seen Lost, so im lost there…hehe Gotta love when kids say and do the silliest things…LOVE the back flips haha (scary part im sure) Hope you have a great day….

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