Well. I am feeling mucho bueno today. I have to work tonight at 5 which means at some point I have to stop somewhere and get nylons as I am wearing (eek!) a skirt today. I would like to know who wants to take three kids who just want to be home playing into the store for a dinky pack of nylons….how dumb.  I really hope this dude can find me a uniform soon, because I am running out of clothes to wear as I am so used to jeans and had a uniform at the other hotels…

We ordered Kaia’s birthday cake yesterday. Mina had the brilliant idea of doing a chocolate cake with pink frosting, so thats what we ordered. Never having ordered a cake before I am thinking I should call back and specify that I would like the writing: Happy First Birthday Kaia, to be in chocolate frosting like the border on the cake….will they know that? Probably not.

I finished the Courage Tree book last night and was kinda disappointed with it, it was a good story I just really felt like she (the author) was really reaching the whole time. With A. Manette Ansay’s books (a very wonderful author), the words just seem to flow straight from her soul. You can picture her sitting and typing or writing the whole thing at one go, just to be rid of it. I know thats not really how it works a lot of the time, but with her books you feel thats what she’s done. There are other authors who give me this impression also, sometimes Anita Shreve (in Sea Glass and Fortune’s Rocks), and also Margaret Atwood. I need to head for the library. This month (starting the last week of April) I have read: Bitter Medicine by Sara Paretsky, A Cure for Dreams and Charms for the Easy Life by Kaye Gibbons, Unveiling the Secret Life of Bees by Amy Lignitz Harken, Light on Snow by Anita Shreve, Life of Pi by Yan Martel, Slaves of Obsession by Anne Perry, Blind Alley by Iris Johansen, Welcome to the World Baby Girl by Fannie Flagg, Courage Tree by Diane Chamberlain, Tunnel Vision by Sara Paretsky….WHEW! I do feel odd for reading so much, rather bookish.

Anyway, Mina and Margo are back now and fighting, which is always fun, I better go see what about. Hope you all have a great day!


This is from an email my Grandma sent me:


 “Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.  The woman came out of a man’s rib.   Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be
protected,  and next to the heart
to be loved.”




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  1. Hey girly, just so ya know, where all set for beverages for Kaia’s party.  I got everything.  Talk to ya soon.  E

  2. a wise Grandma. Hope you get those ‘hose’, lol. When do you find time to read so darn much–I go through a lot of magazines, but by the time the day ends, and everyone is tucked in, homework done, carting around done, house picked up, dog walked, etc…I just want to veg and cant concentrate on real books. It must be cause I am gettin’ OLD, lol. Wow, hope your birthday planning for the little lady comes off great–I remember my big girl’s first bday like it was yesterday and yet it also seems SO long ago. Enjoy!!

  3. That was beautiful what your grandma wrote? Did she write it or is a quote?
    Hope everything is going great in your world!

  4. Hey….yes I would definitly call and specify about the cake….they WONT know that. haha….I love the saying your grandma emailed to you, thank you for sharing that….my oldest daughter needs to hear that a few time!!!  Enjoy your evening…hopefully fight free?
    ~Carolyn  🙂

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