Hello, hello!  I hope everyone had a good weekend, ours was okay.

On Saturday I got up and took a shower (always good before starting a new job) and Casey and Kaia dropped me off at work. It was kinda nerve wracking because I don’t know their computer system, but I am finding that hotel people are the same everywhere you go. Mostly I just stood there and looked dumb and said “we’ll be right with you” as people are looking at me thinking “why can’t you help me?”…finally I was presented with the most embarrassing name tag one could ever have….TRAINEE. So at least people know I’m dumb for a reason, but come on. My new boss says, “maybe they’ll think you’re french, hahahaha”….ummm, right.

At one point the phone rang and the other girl I was working with answered it. She pulled a reservation to confirm it and I trot over to her with my hand out going, give me the phone, give me the phone, she finally was so taken aback by this weird out burst that she handed me the phone mid-sentence and I crowed excitedly, “HEY E!”…it was my little pal Erin confirming her reservation for the night of Kaia’s party. My back, hips, knees and feet were also killing me by noon, even though I wearing what previously used to be comfortable shoes (I have no idea why they aren’t anymore but suspect it has something to do with Kaia). I sat down a total of three times and for all of you who are on your feet all day, I can just hear you rolling your eyes and snorting, and let me say that I know I will get used to it again, I did it for almost seven years with no complaint…I just need some time to adjust. Anyway, I am training again on Tuesday and Wednesday and looking forward to the paycheck in two weeks!

Kaia is walking more everyday. Last night she walked from the kitchen to the couch in the living room, and the closer she got to the couch the more excited she was until she finally fell over…. Desperate Housewives did well on their claim that many questions would be answered, but it was a little disappointing because they were questions you already expected you knew the answer to anyway….LOST on wednesday and I’m trying to think of a way to tell my new boss I have to leave at 7:30 tee hee hee….Maybe dad can tape it for me??

If any of you out there reading this are planning to come to Kaia’s party and haven’t told me yet, please do! Email me or call me at home after 6 or so…we are trying to plan for food and stuff but not one person has called back. Erin was telling me she was reading that no one rsvp’s any more because its not cool or something, I think its rude….so if you’re coming PLEASE let me know!!! Or you can watch everyone else eat, haha, just kidding.

I finished Life of Pi over the weekend and it was so very good! The beginning was a little slow but once you got into it it was an amazing story. That brings my book count up to I think five in the last three weeks…pretty good if I say so myself, except I am starting to confuse reality with fiction and that can be a dangerous thing.

Casey went over to the house of a guy he works with on Friday night and put two new tires on the front of the Jeep (because those tires were so bald they were soft like velvet)…So we were setting out for his niece and nephew’s birthday party in Grand Haven (about three hours south of us)…about halfway to Kingsley (roughly 20 minutes from home) he put the speed up to 60 and the car started to jump all over the place. As he braked it felt like the engine was slowing down but the tires weren’t, or vice versa. I asked dad about it this morning and he said he thinks they probably need to be balanced…mer…so I guess we’ll have to do that pretty quick here. Case was bummed that he had to call his brother and tell him we couldn’t come…so instead we watched Sideways, which I thought would be really dumb, but was actually very very funny….then we tried to watch Darkness (with Anna Paquin and Lena Olin) but when, after about 45 minutes, nothing had happened and we had no idea what country the movie was taking place in we shut it off. The last one we have to watch is Hotel Rwanda…which I want to see but am kinda not looking forward to.We also went to the park with Dakota and Kaia on Saturday night and Kaia didn’t like the sand at all, lol, while Dakota made like he was gonna swim to China after a duck….

I should get moving, I’m a motor mouth this morning…I have to get more patches today and thats about it. We’re expecting more rain….oh well, good weather for ducks. Talk to you all later!


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  1. i know Valerie and the M&M girls will be ther saturday, alas i have to work… 😦  Also let me know if you want me to tape your show, if so pick up a VHS tape, as i don’t have any…. have a wonderful day!

  2. OK, so we’ll have to put Sideways on our netflix queue. We watched “Maria Full of Grace” last night. It was a sad movie about a girl who “mules” drugs to the US by swallowing them encased in the fingers of latex gloves. I thought the “full of grace” part might redeem the story line but I was wrong. It was kind of depressing.
    I think that “life” gets in the way of having fun. I’m trying to change my perspective on that so that everything always has a silver lining. It is a cliche, but when life gives you lemons, make lemonade baby!

  3. …gotta watch out for that confusing reality with fiction, especially if you live near the train tracks…sorry to hear about that “first-week” stiffness, have an extra soak in the tub for me…you sound like quite a voracious reader, with that OSD, does that mean i can count on you for hanging in with me over the long haul…

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