Well, I start my new job tomorrow and I’m a little nervous. I have to keep reminding myself that 8 am isn’t really early and that I would be up with Kai anyway, albeit, not dressed, but up. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m just a big baby these days.

Its supposed to be a lovely weekend here, in the low 70’s and sunny, too bad I have to work! We might go down state on Saturday afternoon for Casey’s niece and nephew’s birthday party. Since their birthdays are just a few days apart they always do them together. But if we do that Casey will have to do some work for his parents to earn back the money we would spend on gas to get there (I love my Jeep but its a gas hog!). So we’ll see. All I know is that at exactly 8:59 pm on Sunday my big bootie will be parked on the couch waiting for Desperate Housewives…which apparently no one else watches as no one has been able to catch me up on what happened last week. Maybe I’ll just check out their website…

I just got off the phone with Erina and she seems to be doing well, I was hoping she was as I hadn’t heard from her….Anyway, Kaia needs a nap and Mina and Margo will be hungry for lunch in a bit here. I think I’ll have a short day today because my dad is off, so hurray! I’ll go to the bank, pick Case up at 4:30 and head home to start my weekend. Talk to you all later…and please, for the sake of good will on earth, if you talk to any kind of service person tomorrow, be it a waiter/waitress, reservation agent, whatever, be nice to them, and some of that will come back to me as I start my new job.



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  1. OK. Well I wasn’t going to be nice, but because you asked now I will. lol! You’ll do fine at work. It will be good for you to get some adult interaction and be out of your/dad’s house.

  2. I have never watched Desperate Housewives.  Im not sure why really.  My husband enjoys it (he watches in his hotel room) and says I woul love it.  Maybe I will catch all the reruns in the summer.Good luck at  work.  Im sure it will be just fine!

  3. Ummm, hello, i watch Desperate Housewives, how could you not.  You see it once, your hooked. Great show…Good Luck at work on Saturday, don’t feel to bad about working, remember when u are at your hotel tommarow, i will be at mine.   Have Fun………………………

  4. Hope you had a great first few days at your new job!!!  There will be many beautiful days to play….I dont watch that show…BUT my husband does!!  I watch One Tree Hill with my girls….take care

  5. i always make it a point to be courteous to those who work in the service industry since that is my background.  but some just don’t desesrve it.  especially after you continue to give them pleasentries (don’t think its a word) and they’re still rude.  i forgot i’m still in the service industry since i’m a mama.  but good luck to you.  i watched the first episode of desperate housewives.  i just couldn’t relate.

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