(thanks Jared, it came yesterday and I am so touched that you thought of me)

Also, I am still working on Life of Pi and struggling a bit to stay connected to it…but I’ve started it so I have to finish it (that, dear friends, is a glimpse into my more innocuous obsessive/compulsive-ness). Anyway, in the book Pi describes a camel as : ” the senile, lecherous look of a camel ” ….that just tickled me because camels ARE lecherous, I just never thought of the right word.

Also, some guest speaker on NPR this morning was talking about how some guy with Los Alamos Nation Labs made a blog and people came together on the blog to complain about the company. The guy who made the blog says it was meant to be an open forum and provide a missing sense of community for lab employees…some congressman somewhere read it and now thinks the whole lab should be shut down because of these offensive complainers…get a life congressman, I say…anyway, the guest lady speaker has a blog (you could probably find the link to it at npr.org) but she says that bloggers are rabble rousers and continues with all manner of insults toward blogging communities and the bloggers themselves….what the heck? Obviously she has never visited xanga or been a part of the stay at home mom’s ring…she has no idea what she’s talking about.

Now. My telephone has officially rang six times and I have not had a telemarketer yet…but I live to hang up on them anyway so whatever.

Kaia slept!! My plan worked perfectly (imagine Dr. Evil petting that hairless cat with his cat ate the canary grin and that is me)…..I said no cartoons until Kaia sleeps. So she fell asleep, we turned on cartoons and with a minimum number of Shhh’s she slept for almost two hours!! Yippee for the mama! I say that like I did something exciting in the meantime, I did not. I did laundry. C’est la vie.

LOST was awesome last night. They threw in the last part with the dog swimming after his boy on the raft and the boy yelling for him to go back just to kill me, I know they did. I just cried and cried, I am a raving lunatic. I did think twice when tempted to not let my dog come out with me after, then I did and felt like a good mama dog. Also….we are tossing around two ideas about who ” the others ” are over here, Casey suspects aliens and I suspect government conspiracy (lol, me, suspect conspiracy?)…I guess we will have to hold on until next week and watch the finale to know for sure. Also, I missed Desperate Housewives last week so anyone who watched it can please catch me up…the finale for that wonderful show is this Sunday.

I also start my new job on Saturday at the hotel…I’m a little nervous  but sure it’ll be fine…kinda like riding a bike, its hard to forget how to do the job…so wish me luck with that one!

Kaia’s red bootie is now a pleasing pink again, that Bag Balm works wonders, (queenoscots take note! ) and she’s in a much better mood now. We’re planning her FIRST BIRTHDAY party for next weekend and praying it doesn’t rain…there’s nothing worse that 20 bedragled people at a birthday party for a one year old who has no clue about just who’s party she is attending…all she knows is those balloons are really pretty and she likes cake, especially if its in her hair, better yet in mama’s hair. Party? What party?

Anyway, I’m going to watch Unsolved Mysteries and maybe take a shower if I can keep Kaia occupied long enough. My laundry is almost done and what a way to almost start the weekend, with clean sheets and bathroom rugs. I told myself when I bought white bathroom rugs (chenille, no less) that it would be easy because I could bleach them. Unfortunately, bleach does not remove every stain and they always look horrid after about two days of being stepped on, which boggles the mind and distresses this kind-of-housewife’s soul…who woulda thunk? Alicia upset because bleach won’t take all the stains out the bathroom rugs she actually put a lot of thought into purchasing….Does anyone know whatever happened to Jordan Benson, by the way?

So you all have a great day and I’ll be around to say hello later.


Excerpt today is from “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd

” ‘And so’, August said, ‘ the people cried and danced and clapped their hands. They went one at a time and touched their hands to her chest, wanting to grab on to the solace in her heart…Our Lady filled their hearts with fearlessness and whispered to them plans of escape. The bold ones fled, finding their way north, and those who didn’t lived with a raised fist in their hearts. And if it ever grew weak, they would only have to touch her heart again.’ “




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  1. I want to know what the deal is with the black smoke!  Its so strange and it kinda creeps me out a bit.  Did you notice when Artz came running back to the group it looked like he was coming from the opposite way?  I could talk about this on your blog forever!  LOL!  That was so sad about Vincent and his dog.  Do you think Walt is evil?  A lot of people on the LOST boards think he is.  Ok I will stop now.  hehehehe!Yay for Kaia getting a good nap in.  Are you going to be working part time?   Im very excited for you.  I would love to be able to work part time.  Sometimes I feel like my brain is turning to mush. 

  2. Hm. Walt evil. Never thought of that…but I don’t think so.
    Keep on eye on the back of those rugs. Bleach will eat the rubber off. I thought the rugs were pretty, by the way, when I was there; but would have to agree that stepping on them is just plain wrong. lol!
    I think the black smoke is from some kind of natives that want babies to raise or sacrifice or something.
    Do you think the “others” are the same “somethings” that have been chasing and killing people in the jungle?

  3. Hey Alicia, I don’t know if you remember me…my name’s Abigail Travis…I went to Holland Church of Christ for awhile.  Anyway, I say your name on your mother’s xanga, and I just thought I’d say hi.  I read Life Of Pi this year for my book report-tell me what you think of the ending; it’s terrific!
    ~Abi Travis

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