HOLY CATS!! We HAVE a PHONE!!!! And its the BERRIES! The CATS PAJAMAS!! The TOPS! Its BITCHIN’!! Who would think someone would get so excited over the not so modern technology of a land line….this is probably why they make you wait, so when you get the phone bill and carefully open it (so as not to rip it, which has been my excuse on occassion “I couldn’t read the bill, it ripped while I was opening it”), jump up and down with glee and have to hold steady as you sign the check because your heart is just racing with the excitement of giving the phone bearers your money….humph.

Thats about all in the news department, lol, Kaia has four teeth now and is mighty cranky. She also has been caught saying “whodat?” “wheredada?” “doda!” (poor dog) and now when I say “No, Kai” she either shakes her head and says “no no no no” or smiles and says “yeah” …. I think she might be not feeling real well because she’s had diarreah (didn’t you want to know? yep she’s had the hershey squirts….ack, enough) a few times and now her poor baby butt is all red….We’ll just let that sweet tookus soak tonight after we get home. Casey mowed the lawn last Sunday and it looks so nice that I am surprised every time I get home. The grass seed he planted is coming in…I really believe this time when I say “I HAVE A LILAC TREE” …. the leaves and shape of the tree look right, and now the buds are starting right up at the top. So yippee for lilacs on one side and lily of the valley everywhere else. Also, I was listening to NPR and they were talking about some book, I don’t know what all they were saying or what book as I couldn’t hear much over the wild indians on the back seat…but I did laugh right out loud when this woman caller came on and said “Umm, yeah, we read your book for our book club and everyone hated it”…..Isn’t that a scream?! What is the appropriate response?

Well I will leave you all to your business and maybe Kaia will close her eyes for a minute (don’t count on it…) Hope you all have a great day!


*EDIT*  an excerpt from Life of Pi

“I am a Hindu because of sculptured cones of red kumkum powder and baskets of yellow tumeric nuggets, because of garlands of flowers and pieces of broken coconut, because of the clanging of bells to announce one’s arrival to God, because of the whine of the reedy nadaswaram and the beating of drums, because of the patter of bare feet against stone floors down dark corridors pierced by shafts of sunlight, because of the fragrance of incense, because of flames of arati lamps circling in the darkness, because of bhajans being sweetly sung, because of elephants standing around to bless, because of colorful murals telling colorful stories, because of foreheads carrying, variously signified, the same word — faith. I became loyal to these sense impressions even before I knew what they meant or what they were for. It is my heart that commands me so. I feel at home in a Hindu temple. I am aware of Presence, not the personal way we usually feel presence, but something larger. My heart still skips a beat when I catch sight of the murti, of God Residing, in the inner sanctum of a temple. Truly I am in a sacred cosmic womb, a place where everything is born, and it is my sweet luck to behold its living core. My hands naturally come together in reverent worship…My palms need to feel the heat of a hallowed flame whose blessing I bring to eyes and forehead.”



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  1. Yay!  for the phone line that works!  What a pain in the booty but I am glad its all taken ccare of!Speaking of painful booties, I hope Kaias feels better soon.  Have a good rest of the day!

  2. That book is on my (lengthy) hope to read soon list.
    My poor baby butt is all red, too, right now.  Changed meds and having a nasty reaction.  Perhaps soaking my sweet tookus will do the trick. 
    Now THAT’s more than you needed to know, I’m sure.  Just comiserating.  ; )

  3. Isnt it funny what we get excited over!!! I wish I made more time to read….but im always on the fly….and books just dont come with. Maybe now that summer os almost here I can relax a bit….probably not. HaHa  Have a good day…DONT TALK TOO MUCH!!!!

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