Well hello everyone! The phone company did indeed come out last Friday to fix my phone line. They were even nice enough not to stick their little repair sheet on my (probably) antique wooden door. Unfortunately, depsite the “clear dial tone from outside line to network” there is still no dial tone inside the house. How does this make me feel? Don’t get me started!!

I called them on Monday and was told the line from the phone jack needs to be connected to the phone box and this would cost $180. It seems like a lot of money to me, but its not my house so I’m not paying for it. I scheduled them to come do it this morning. Then it occured to me that I should let the landlords know about this bill before I actually have the work done. So I left a message with Mr. Landlord’s shirty secretary and he didn’t call back. I called his wife and there was no answer. The phone rings and its her wanting to know if someone just called about a rental. What?! No, I want a phone. She says she’ll call “the doctor” (Mr. Landlord) and get back with me, all the while muttering about how outrageous the price is and wanting to know why we can’t just use a cell phone….So I had to call the phone company last night and cancel since the landlords never called me back. No one called me today so at noon I called Mrs. and asked if she and the doctor had decided what course of action they would like to take. She says “for what honey?” DUH! The PHONE JACK! I wanted to bang the phone on the table and scream like Sandra Bullock in Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (awesome movie, by the way). She says actually she can’t authorize that without talking to her business partner. And then she is quiet. I wait and wait. Finally I say, so can you get ahold of them or do you want me to call them or??? She says for me to call and gives me the number. If any of you remember the “cute little house” I was so interested in but the guy never called me back episode, you will remember who her business partner is…non other than Larry-her-son-the-sloth. Mr “I need a week to clean the house and make repairs before you look at it”….the same house we spent two days cleaning after we moved in…hmmm, thanks for being a busy bee pal. So I call him and he says go ahead and do whatever but that he needs to be billed for it. Well the phone company won’t bill him when the account is in my name. Meanwhile, Casey is calling for updates and getting more and more pissed off. He hangs up on me and calls back awhile later with the news that some guy from a private phone repair company around here will do it and that Larry the Sloth just needs to call back and confirm that he is to be billed. So now it is apparently all set for nine tomorrow morning……I hold out little hope.

Anyway, I am playing checkbook tango and have decided I am not fit to manage any finances, especially my own. I am hoping that a check I wrote for the gas bill won’t bounce….shhh, don’t tell Casey, no need to get him all riled up for no reason.

Its kinda warm here today, about 60 degrees. My head is really hurting and I wish for a large play pen for Kaia so I could close my eyes for 20 minutes. As the old saying goes, you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster….ha ha…sorry mom. I need a shower and to pick Casey up so I’ll talk to you all later. And I would like to welcome my three newest subscribers:  Lionne,  MoreWhereThatCameFrom and FancyPantsClairol (a fellow fruitcake!)…I hope you all have a great day and that if there are any landlords out there they will call their tenants and say “How is everything? Do you need anything? Do you have any issues or questions?” because lord knows someone needs to pull up their socks and get with the program….talk to you all later!


*EDIT*  And  hugs and kisses to my very own babysister who today turns 21!! Happy Birthday Beezus with the chipmunk panties….we LOVE YOU!!! (she’s in Jamaica, so bon voyage my darling, and stay out of trouble! Mom could tell you the trouble a determined jamaican represents…tee hee…sorry again mom!)




6 thoughts on “

  1. *laughing*
    Oh that was funny! Sorry about the phone line…I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a phone. Let’s hope everything gets a tiny bit better tomorrow when they attempt to fix it. Hopefully nothing explodes…*giggle*
    ❤ Jenn

  2. …so bang that head…wait, dont–your headache will only get worse. Its a cliche but I will say it–“we can send a man to the moon, but Strawberrypointe cannot get phone service.” What’s up with that??????????????

  3. I have such tender sensibilities so I must be protected….
    Who can I tell Amy’s birthday story too?! It’s family tradition! One must always hear their birthday story on their birthday!!!!

  4. OMG YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!  This post made me laugh this morning…i hope the phone issue was resolved. And please do let me know how the wish in one hand and shit in the other works in your house…cuz i know how it works in mine!!!! haha   Have a great one

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