Well. We got home last night and the cleaning bug bit me in the behind. I dusted everything (baby wipes are very good for this, especially with so much animal fur), I cleaned the bathrooms, swept and mopped the whole house, watered my flowers and made dinner. We had pork chops marinated in jerk sauce with mashed potatoes. Yummy. Kaia had a half jar of sweet peas and some cottage cheese and some toast. She actually went down pretty easy last night, she didn’t scream and cry, but we could hear her in there banging around and playing. Which leads to my next question, it will be a matter of weeks before she figures out that she can launch herself out of her crib. So when she does switch to a big girl bed, how the heck am I supposed to keep her in it?! This will be challenging.

Last night I went to bed after Survivor and at about 11pm Casey came flying into the bedroom and makes a true Kramer entrance, sliding across the wood floor in his socks, lol. He turns on the light, shakes me to wake me up and wants to know where his baseball bat is. Do any of you have this ability? The ability to divine where everyone else’s crap is? I don’t why, but I usually know. “Where’s my brown belt?”  “On the floor in the closet.”  “Have you seen my Abercrombie hat?” “Its in the back of the Jeep under the right side seat.”….and on it goes. But I did not know where his bat was. Its like that Everyboy Loves Raymond episode we saw a few nights ago, where Debra keeps throwing away or moving Ray’s stuff. I was laughing my head off as Ray kept saying “DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!!” I feel the same way, Casey gets into these cleaning moods and neither one of us can find anything for a week. Anyway, he wanted the bat because he said there was a racoon outside. I fell asleep while he banged around, not even once considering the fact that he meant to bash the poor things brains out. Apparently he could not find the bat and decided we all could “co-exist” and “maybe feed the big guy some table scraps?”……I did see the racoon’s hairy rump this morning in the fork of a big tree in our front yard. I’m not sure what to do with him now. Perhaps I will acquire a live trap and release him farther up the penninsula. Perhaps I will call animal control, I just worry about those people because I am acutely aware of their penchant for lethal injections…..Why do I want him to leave? Because even though my bonus toe, Phoenix and my old warrior girl, Sambuca, are outside cats, I am not one for vaccinating (or spelling, ha ha) cats. So they don’t have a rabies vac. Dakota’s just expired, and the last thing I need is some racoon giving one of my furry kids a disease. And I also would like to make a fast argument for myself, it is a pet owner responsibility to make sure than their pets are safe. And mine are, but it seems like whenever you take an animal to the vet they want to give them 200$ worth of shots, test them for feline luekemia, etc, etc. I just am not interested. The only cat I’ve had die on me was Mickey and he was old and had a rampant bladder infection. So by ridding us of the racoon I am taking care of my pets. Whew. Enough said.

MCI told me to unplug my phone for ten minutes, and I did. I also went to Meijer and bought a new phone (and got caught in the stereo aisle dancing with Kaia to that “Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi” song…lol). Neither phone worked. I called back this morning and the guy was able to run a test on my line (why this could not have been done before I will never know) and said there is a problem with the outside wiring. So he put me on hold to see when a tech could service it and I was expecting him to come back and say “sometime in the next week and you’ll have to be in the house from noon until five everyday” or something bogus like that. But no, he came back and after verifying that my dog was in the house and I had no locked gates he said a tech will be out today, I don’t need to be there, and it should be fixed by 5 tonight!! YIPPEEE! He had an indian accent and when I told him I loved him he said “oh ma’m dat id nod neccessary”….tee hee. Anyway, that is all my news for now. We were looking forward to a nice wekend but our forecast is 40 degree weather and an 80% chance of rain all weekend. Mer. I just hope the weather gets through with raining before Kaia’s outside party because I can’t get very many people into my house. Oh yeah, speaking of Kaia, yesterday I mentioned that her top middle and bottom left teeth look ready to pop through anytime, and yesterday her top right made its debut! Yippee again! She has teeth and we’re going to have to put up a sign I got from someone who stole it from somewhere recommending yearly vaccinations to alert people who come in the house that she does, indeed, bite. I hope you all have a great day and I will get round to your sites before I go home for the weekend to a clean house and PHONE!!


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  1. LOL. My whole family always comes to me as well when they are looking for something…and I too usually know where it is!

  2. I am the same way when it comes to my cat.  My husband wants to take her in for a bath.  Im not sure I am down with that at all.  She doesnt go outside and then they will tell me she needs all the vaccinations and testing.  Blah!  Racoons are scary.

  3. I know  where Casey’s bat is. It’s in that big vase thing by the bookcase in the dining room…just barely outside the bedroom door. lol! Isn’t that funny that I know and neither of you did?! lol!
    Probably your best bet with Mr. Raccoon is animal control. You may want to ask them what they will do with him or if you need to be concerned about rabies.
    Will you come clean my house? I’ll let you use my phone and internet to your heart’s content!

  4. Hey ..thanks sooo much for your comment….your site is amazing!!!  I love your use of baby wipes…I use them on both our horses, not only gets the dust off in the winter but puts the lanolin back into there fur…couldnt live without them!!!  Did the Raccoon survive the possible brain bashing??  Gotta love kids. Keep the comments coming  🙂

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