Well its pretty quiet this morning. Mina and Margo have gone to have their little teeth cleaned with my dad, Kaia just got through dancing to an Oscar Mayer weiner commercial….My Wic nurse is coming for the last time today . She can only come until Kaia is a year and that will be in about two weeks, and since (thank goodness) Kaia doesn’t have any physical or developemental disabilities she won’t be coming anymore. It is sad because she and I both know that I don’t really need her, its more the time once a month to be able to sit and talk with another adult woman, and she says for her its a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who knows what they are doing and who is raising a healthy baby. I think she sees a lot of very poor, very young women who just don’t have a clue or any resources other than her. So farewell, Marie, we’ll miss our chats with you!

I made Kaia’s one year appointment yesterday and she has to have shots which I knew but does not thrill me. Poor baby. She has only the one tooth that has actually come through so far, but the ones on top in the middle and the other one on the bottom look like they’ll erupt any moment. Could this be why she has resisted sleeping so much lately? She did really good up until my mom left and now she’s up and crying at night. She also has been braving a few steps out into the middle of rooms, letting go of whatever piece of furniture she was holding onto and walking, yes, WALKING, four or five steps until she falls down. She’ll walk back and forth from me to the couch too, big lady!

Well, Marie is coming at 1030 and dad and the girls should be back anytime. Today I need to go to Meijer and get dog food, stamps and thankyou notes, and to the bank before that. And get this, MCI says my phone is turned on but its not working on my end. I was advised to go home and unplug it for ten minutes to see if that helps. I really hope its not a problem with the wiring to the phone jack, all I want is a PHONE!!!  Alrighty, time to go, hope you all have a great day!


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  1. whoa, walking…first steps and suddenly she will be in kindergarten. I think it is a sad thing that you are one of the rare few that the WIC nurse doesn’t need to see–I feel badly about the other moms who are clueless, and slipping through the cracks. So frustrating.

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