Well hello everyone! I am back to the daily grind after some very refreshing days off. My mom flew in from Texas last Wednesday and we spent Thursday and Friday hanging around and doing some shopping and playing with Kaia. On Saturday we took her down to Grand Rapids on our way to Grand Haven and she spent the afternoon and night with my little sis, Amy. We went to the very very cold wedding on the beach, it was about 45 degrees and the wind was whipping. There is a pavillion on the state park beach, right behind where the ceremony was being held so Casey and Kaia and some older people and a few others with babies waited in there. It was only a fifteen minute ceremony but it was very lovely.We got to the wedding reception (after spending about 20 minutes in the parking lot at the wrong place, and I now know there is a difference between Elks and Eagles…) and were just getting ready to leave because we didn’t really know anybody when my pals Erin and Sara walked in the door, followed about an hour later by Liz.. Kaia was jabbering a mile a minute during the speeches and kept doing her loud fake laugh and clapping when everyone else clapped and laughed. At about nine she had a melt down, which was our fault because we stayed so long when we hadn’t meant to, and Grandma came and picked her up and took her back to the house. We ended up closing the place with a lot of other people and got back to Casey’s mom and dad’s about 1 in the morning. On Sunday we were going to go to breakfast with Casey’s mom for mothers’ day and she ended up making breakfast instead because she was afraid (and probably rightly so) that we would end up waiting in line forever. We met my mom and Amy at Olive Garden in Grand Rapids and had a nice lupper (which is a family term for that time between lunch and supper). We got home in time for Desperate Housewives.

On Monday mom and Kaia and I went to Meijer and were able to get flowers as they had their four pack flats on sale for a buck. So mom helped me pick and we came home with yellow and pink snap dragons, deep pink and white geraniums, impatiens, and a few others I can’t think of just now. We saw her off at the airport (and I just found out her flight out was delayed about an hour and a half) and were very sad for the rest of the night.

On Tuesday Kaia and I spent the day together. During her nap I got my morning glories and moonflowers planted and watered everything, then it rained, lol. Over the weekend we watched Meet the Fockers, which was okay, despite the stuff I heard from some people saying it was really dumb. It was a lot more slap stick, toilet humor but we did laugh several times. I fell asleep during that one…mom and I watched Lemony Snicket and thought it was odd but a very good story. I also made an omlette!!! Which is something I have never succeded at until watching mom make me one.

Uchenna and Joyce won last night on the Amazing Race!!! I was thrilled and I just have to state for the record, even though Rob and Amber didn’t break any rules, they still didn’t play fair or honorably, and what goes around usually comes around and for them it did. I think Kaia is alseep now. She was up late last night. After screaming for an hour and a half in her bed (I went in about half way and tried to rock her but she wasn’t interested) we got her up and gave her some Tylenol in case her teeth were bugging her, and some Mylicon in case she felt gassy. She had a little ba and went back to bed. But she was up at  seven this morning and has been a little pistol for about the last hour, now she’s quiet, thank god!

I hope all you mothers had a wonderful Mothers’ Day, and a great weekend. And I do have to give a shout out to my very best non-related girl, Erin1981 has a new site and you should all stop by and say hello if you get a chance….talk to you all later!   


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  1. Sounds busy! I am glad you had a good visit with your mom. And I am sorry you were sad the night she left… How many teeth does Kaia have now?

  2. oh my bubba….it was hard for me to leave…i wanted so much to come back when i found out my flight had been delayed. then i would have had to say goodbye all over again so maybe it’s just as well.
    like i told you when i was there; as our financial condition eases, i will be able to come (or have any of you come here) on a more regular basis.
    ain’t no mountain high enough
    ain’t no valley low enough
    ain’t no river wide enough
    to keep me from gettin’ to you!

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