Hello hello. Fortunately, I was advised that I was supposed to come to work today last Friday, I thought I would just stop in and check my email…lol…good thing Valerie told me! We had a nice weekend. On Saturday we drove down state to Casey’s mom and dad’s house. Its amazing how moving into town like we did affected our travel time, it used to take us about two hours and on Saturday it took more than three. I know part of it was all the road-work going on but sheesh!

Casey’s niece, Samantha, came over to play on Saturday afternoon and later we went to Hoffmaster State Park to burn some wood in the fireplace at the picnic pavillion. We also roasted hot dogs and let Sam and Dakota run themselves out. Dakota was so sore on Sunday, he was limping a little and Casey’s mom said he was up pacing all night, poor boy. But he seems better now, running around in the woods with a seven year old for three hours would make anyones’ feet hurt.

We went to the Cystic Fibrosis walk on Sunday and it was very cold and pouring down rain. Those of us with small children went with Stefanie to a restuarant called Snug Harbor (or just “snug”) and waited for the few and the brave to get back. I’m sorry, but I just was not going to walk six miles with the baby in just barely 40 degree weather in the rain. But it was nice to see Stefanie and to be able to hang out with her for awhile; and as she pointed out, the money had been raised and that was the point of the whole thing anyway. My pal Sara was there too, with her mom and her almost four year old son, Jacob, who wanted to “take baby home” and gave Kaia lots and lots of kisses. Kaia wants to be just like everyone else and is so funny as she adapts to the change of scenery on the weekends. When ever anyone at the table would laugh she would sit right up, grip her high chair, open her mouth as wide as she could and just shout “HA! HA HA HA!”, LOL. That of course made everyone laugh harder, she’s a funny girl.

Today I’m trying to get all my laundry caught up as well as washing bathmats and stuff for my company (Mama!) coming on Wednesday. Val and the girls leave for Florida in the morning but are driving down to Grand Rapids tonight. Dad and my Uncle Bill are across state for their Uncle Lee’s funeral today. Its rainy and cold and makes one despair of spring ever coming. But I suppose it does every year, and this year, surely, will be no different. Anyway, I’m not very interesting today, I’ve got a lot on my mind and a lot on my list of things to do and just want to get moving and get some things done with so I can stop worrying about them. So I hope you all had a great weekend, I was very industrious this morning and have already checked your sites….Have a great day!


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  1. Aargh, I know what you mean with a lot on your list to do! But guess what? I’m going to see my girls this week! Woo-hoo!
    now, back to work for me!! ………………………………

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