Yes and Yes. Amy, come braid the goats’s beard and Jared, they would have a fine time! Why do I love goats? Because they just run for no reason, to no apparent destination, because they are funny looking, because they eat things they shouldn’t and because I think their poop is funny (I know, I’m weird).

Tonight we have to go pick up the family heirloom pool table and move it to our garage. We had hoped to have a place where we could set it up, but after three whole pages of phone numbers for rentals and the word “No” (written in increasingly violent script) we jumped at the first place that was not a hole in the wall but that we could afford. So, sadly, the table will spend another year of its long life on its side in a garage. I am not really interested in doing this tonight simply because I am tired, I can’t take one more person looking at me sideways, and I am tired. I’m hoping Casey really can get someone from work to help him in which case I will most likely feel bad (there’s my guilt complex, rearing its ugly head) that we have to cancel the truck we are supposed to borrow at the last minute and hope Dad isn’t mad. In any case, I shall know the outcome soon. And soon it shall be over.

Mina and Margo spilled a whole cup of milk at lunch all over the table cloth, to which Margo tearfully said “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry to make a big mess!” I couldn’t be mad after that now could I? So the table cloth is in the washing machine and my sticky baby is picking cheerios from breakfast up off the floor and eating them. Who needs a goat?! And I have agreed to remove the buckets from the newly planted rose bushes. So I have much to do. I’m off next week but (if its kosher with the father) I’ll be stopping in to check my email and such so I’ll be in touch…I hope you all have a great weekend and as soon as I get Kaia to stop eating furry cheerios, uncover the roses and take out the trash I will be back to read you all before the weekend.


American Cities That Best Fit You:

60% Austin

60% Denver

55% Miami

55% Seattle

50% Chicago


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  1. Of course you’re not going to be mad at a little person for making a mess accidentally! When you get a goat, will you let your grandpa come and play with it? He likes goats too! 🙂

  2. Hmmm, you too? My son found cheerios on the floor from this morning as well, frosted cheerios. He went around all evening with a fistful of them jammed in his mouth. LOL.
    Have a great weekend. ❤

  3. Goats, huh?  They are kind of cool, now that you mention it.  My sheltie would love to have a few to herd around the yard, but she’ll have to make do with the cats.  And a little floor food never hurt any child.  Makes them grow up big and strong!!

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