One thing I hate about myself is that I run around preaching to everyone about how they can only be responsible for themselves, that they shouldn’t let anyone ruin their day; but that is advice that is hard for me to take and put into practice for myself. I just am weak when it comes to someone feeling angry with me and especially when there is no reasonable option for making it better. But I would hope that its really easy for people to give out advice, and much harder for everyone to actually take the advice they give.Grrr, must resolve inner conflict.

Anyway, after tomorrow I am off until the eleventh because Val is taking Mina and Margo with her to Florida to pick up Grandpa Frey and bring him back to Michigan for the summer. I think it’ll be nice the first day but then I’ll be bored. Good thing my mom is coming on Wednesday so I’ll have someone other than Kai to hang out with. She’s really cute, and pretty sweet and all, but her linguistic skills are sadly lacking due to her age. On a brighter note, she will take five or six steps towards us now, big girl!! So how long after that will she walk around a lot is what I would like to know. Hmmmm. Today she is her alter-ego, Harold the old man, (because she kinda looks like Harold in the Harold and the Purple Crayon books), her hair is sticking up all over and her pants are falling off, plus she keeps sucking her top lip in so she looks like her teeth fell out…..weren’t you just dying to know?!

The CF walk is this weekend and I’m kinda bummed that we didn’t raise even half of our goal. I just have to tell myself that I wrote the letters, mailed them out, even included a self addressed and stamped envelope for return mail, and only four or five of twenty have been received. But it was out of my hands the second the mail man picked up the letters. Still kind of a bummer though.

I’m a looking forward to seeing Stef, though (my real live CF patient buddy), she emailed me today to say she is out the hospital and will be at the walk. She said she is trying to regain her strength so she can actually do the walk and I hope she can or this would be the first year she didn’t.

Quiet time is coming to a close so I should get the girls up and see about a shower. I hope you all have a great day and I checked in on everyone earlier.

PS: I would really like a goat, the kind with horns and a beard on his chin and I would just let him roam the yard and eat things whilst I sat on the porch and giggled. Something is so very funny to me about goats. 

PSS: Oobie is kind of a perv. I am convinced.

PSSS: My Paretsky is a hard cover, not a paperback, I just felt the need to make that snobbish distinction. (Did I mention I borrowed it from the library?)

PSSSS: (now thats a little nuts, four s’s) Thank you to my new subscribers, I am honored to on your reading lists and will look at your sites more fully on a day when I am able to concentrate (read: tomorrow).


6 thoughts on “

  1. Should I admit my silly thought to the world? Hmmm, YES!
    When Iwas skimming your writing before actually reading it, I read, “She’s really cute, and pretty sweet and all, but her linguistic skills are sadly lacking due to her age.” , I thought you meant ME!
    LOL! That is really sad! LOL!

  2. Whew! I am glad to know I am not the only one with a child that has her pants constantly sagging near the end of her bum. LOL. Of course, now my little girl often strips down to her panties with no warning. She will just come in with no clothes on except her underwear and shoes. Don’t ask me why but even though clothes are of minor importance, she insists on shoes. : )

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