Well I have divined the reason for Kaia’s bossy, cranky behavior, she’s getting another tooth! Instead of the second one on the bottom she’s getting the top on directly over the one she is still working on. Poor baby, but its easier to help her when I know whats wrong instead of guessing and being wrong and feeling frustrated.

I’m gearing up to call the GM up here that I dropped off my resume for. I don’t know why I get so nervous, whats the worst he can say? “Sorry, I have enough people, thanks anyway?” Sheesh, it would be a disappointment but at least I would know. So I’m working on my nerve and knowing he’s probably waiting me out just like I used to do when someone wanted me to hire them….games games games suck!

I’ve now read three books since Saturday and have saved the last Sara Paretsky novel for last. This is the last one they had at the library by her even though I know there are four or five more. So I’ve requested the others but they had to borrow them from somewhere else. I’m also on the list for Ya Ya’s in Bloom, the new Rebecca Wells. Come to think of it, I should also get on the list for the new Harry Potter coming in July!

Casey has been talking me down and talking me down on the whole landlord thing. Its nice we balance each other like that, by the way, the things we get worked up over are so different that the other is usually able to say, chill, its okay, we’ll work it out. He wants to wait and if we have any more issues we’ll start working on alternate living arrangements, he says he is already over the hours and hours we have put in cleaning inside and out so for now I will just make like a Beatle and let it be.

Anyway, that is all I have to say for today. I have not technically started the Paretsky novel above but I am looking forward to starting it tonight….talk to you all later! Never mind on the novel supposedly listed above…lol…the “server application” is down. And also, you should all go see fairy_kisses112, she is very funny and her thought that made me laugh out loud today was her feeling that tampons should be subsidized by the government, lol!



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