So for a real post:

On Friday night arriving home from work we were greeted with blood everywhere on the patio. I mean everywhere. Sambuca got into a tangle with something and had left kitty tracks of blood, she had lay in both of our new outside chairs and bled not only all over them, but through them. We could track her blood down the driveway and back into the garage. She seemed fine, other than favoring her left hind leg. When we got her inside we secluded her in the “cat room” (a little storage room off the kitchen) and she lay still while Casey held her down and I dowsed her footie with witch hazel. It looked like that foot had just been torn to shreds by something. I wrapped a panty liner (LOL) around her foot with masking tape, made her a bed with an old comforter and towel, gave her a clean litter box and food and water and left her. She has recovered for now and is no longer bleeding on everything. She is only favoring her foot when she jumps high and seems to be in fine health. Casey looked around on Saturday to see if he could figureout what had happened (if only because he knew I would not shut up wondering aloud about it until I knew) and the only thing he could come up with was this: When we moved into the house we discovered A LOT of broken glass on the floor in the garage. He got it all cleaned up but left one jagged piece on a box. He thinks she may have cut herself on that. We just can’t see how she would have tangled with another animal and ended up cut she like was. Anyway, she’s a warrior and I’d like to see the other guy if it was a animal/animal fight.

On Saturday Casey discovered that there were literally thousands of ants, small small black ones, pouring into our bedroom via the floor. This set us back quite a few hours of panic and cleanup and wondering how in the world (and why) these ants could come through the floor. We finally got it all cleaned up and had to leave our bedroom window open the rest of the weekend because it reeked of insecticide. That was really fun. Sunday we just hung around.

Spanglish was really really good, we both laughed our heads off, The Woodsman was hard to watch as we were alternately disgusted with or depressed by the characters. I also would like to announce that while I was drawn in the by the charm an old cottage can have, if I could get out of my lease with a good reference and my money back I would start looking today for another place. This has been crazy from the start, and if I had a brain in my head I would have gone back to the landlords the day after we gave them the money to move in (lease not yet signed until almost two weeks later) and told them I wanted my money back. We spent more than eight hours over the space of two days cleaning the inside of the house. And you would think we would have known it was so filthy when we first saw it, but I am telling you this was the dirt you find when you mop a bathroom floor for the first time in a new house, deep down dirt. We have cleaned someone elses’ dried piss off the floors in the bathroom with bleach and rubber gloves, we have scraped (I kid you not) boogers off bedroom walls, we washed the floors two or three times on our hands and knees before they came clean. When Casey went out to inspect the lawn he noted that it had not been cared for in at least two years judging by the more than foot high leaves covering the whole thing. Behind the house he found three garbage bags worth of beer bottles and much broken glass, we still find beer caps about everyday. I don’t know who the people were who lived there before but god almighty they were pigs! So if anyone knows landlord/tenant law and has advice for me I would be glad for it. We love the house when its clean but are not looking forward to a summer filled with bugs in weird places, etc. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess and what a mistake we made signing a year lease with these people….

So that is my rant for the day, lol. Be careful where you decide to live and don’t be blinded by old charm is the advice for the day. Now I am going to read my book and do the dishes. Ta ta!


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  1. hey Alicia we get those ants sometimes too. get some Raid ant traps and set them around and that will kill them, i’ve had good luck in the past with that. Hope Zambucha is going to be ok.

  2. Poor, poor kitty!  I’m glad you were able to fix up her paw.
    One year we had some windows replaced.  When the contractor removed the window frame in our bedroom, a flood of black ants poured out!  Needless to say, some exterminating needed done before we could put in the new windows.

  3. I suggest you talk to your landlord about your complaints; whether it’s ants or high gas bills or how pigged out the place was. Maybe they’ll take off some of the rent? Lower it? I strongly suggest you talk to the landlord about all the broken glass too….all of it.

  4. Oh yuck, ants…I have a regular guy who comes twice a year to spray my whole house with carcinogens, lol, because a few years ago, we had them crawling around my kids’ bathroom. –Upstairs–we never knew where they came from, but the spraying is the best money I ever spend, as we haven’t had them since. I agree with your mom, above, that your landlord should adjust your rent or give you a cleaning allowance–it really sounds like you have had to go above and beyond there. Nasty–cleaning old urine and boogers–what is up with some people, how can they live like that and maintain any dignity?? Hope you have a better day today.

  5. I loved Spanglish too!! Of course, I like movies like that, the ones that make you cry and laugh at the same time.
    Ugh, I feel ya’ on the year lease at a place you had to clean up to live in. The house I am living in is the same way and I too am in a year lease!! Of course, I think yours is a little worse–no booger scraping over here. LOL. Thank goodness our lease is up in July, so pretty soon, we will start looking for houses and moving. Yuck, I hate moving, but it will be worth it!
    ❤ Jenn

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