My new profile picture is of Kaia (and Marley is the black puddle on the rug), looking out the front door at almost bedtime and seeing the kids playing across the street…poor baby!

Well for me its been a long week, all kinds of girl stuff my male readers (read: brother, father) have no business reading about. Suffice it to say, I’ll be happy when I can pawn Kai off on Casey and rest a little.

I also have been sleeping like crap, which is not because of the new bed, but just because I can’t sleep. For me, that really sucks, because never before have I not been able to sleep, even when I was eight months pregnant and getting up to pee in the night I seemed to sleep right through. The only thing I can think of to be worried about is money, which is what a lot of people worry about I guess. So I did what I do when I’m worried, I took action! A month or so ago my old GM at Days Inn surprised me by calling the GM at the Days Inn up here and asking him if he could find some hours for me. Believe me, I was shocked, as this man was the same man that had me dreading answering the phone at work for fear it was him calling to argue about something, the same man who sent me to the brink of tears with his harsh mouth on more than one occassion (not that I ever gave him the satisfaction of seeing that)….so I was pleasantly surprised. I never did go in and talk to this guy up here though, because I was busy and its hard to go anywhere with three kids, much less a place that is quiet and where you would hope to have a productive conversation with another adult. Plus I know how hard it is to find hours for your regular people at a hotel in a resort town in Feb and March, so I waited. But yesterday I dropped off my resume and a little cover note for him and I HOPE HOPE HOPE he will call me.

Do I really want to work seven days a week? No. Do I really want to work holidays, especially now that we have a growing Kaia? No. But you do what you gotta do and we need money so I hope this guy will give me a call. I think he will, when my old boss talked to him he said for me to come on in and he could find something for me, and I explained why I didn’t come right in in the note I left for him….please call….Also Casey should be getting a raise soon so that will help out too.

Anyway…this weekend is supposed to be really cold, they’re also predictng snow (!!!)…so our plans of working on the yard are shot to hell. Oh well, we got “Spanglish” and “The Woodsman” in the mail from Netflix yesterday (I know, I know, I complain about money then subcribe to Netflix, but let me tell you $19 a month is cheaper than the cable we don’t have and even the indigent need entertainment) so we’ll have some movies to watch this weekend. My Lilly of the Valley and Day Lillies are coming up nicely and we are watching what we think is a Lilac tree bud out…it was looking a little more like spring every day and now winter has to waltz back in for one last hurrah. Oy vay, it can’t last forever.

Also, I am very sad and wishing I had $80 as Jewel is performing at her alma mater, Interlochen in July. Alas I don’t, and tickets are almost sold out. Early birthday present anyone…anyone?….no takers?…

I’m also hoping to get to the library as I am out of books and need something to read. I’m hoping they’ll have the new Rebecca Wells in, “Ya Yas in Bloom” but since its a ‘hot title’ I’ll just have cross my fingers. Anyone read this one yet? I still think “Little Altars Everywhere” was even better than Divine Secrets….I hear whining in the other room so should go break up whatever is going on, it doesn’t help when one is having a crappy week that the children have spring fever (or maybe its rabies fever? just kidding…) and have been fighting with each other, they all usually get on so well, but geez, look at someone cross eyed this week and expect them to fall on the floor bawling….enough for now. Hope you all have a great weekend and a great day!



I just want to point out  that even though I may take up pages of cyberspace whining about money I have never for one minute wished my life into something else. I write for myself and other people can read what I write and deduce how I feel and why on different days. I know that everyone chooses where they are and the choices I have made have led me to the path I am on. I know that I could have made different choices at many many points and that the very fact that I didn’t rests only on me. If I want to go back and change one thing, that one thing could change everything, and I am not willing to give up anything that I have, including issues with money. I also know that making different choices could have put me in a different financial situation and that maybe, for some people, it may seem like I should shut my mouth because I’ve made my bed. So I just wanted to add this small disclaimer, I may whine sometimes, I may worry sometimes, but I have no room in my life for regret, and I don’t have time to look back and wonder what I could have/should have done differently. After all, different paths lead to different destinations, and I am confident in my own.




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  1. sorry you are having a bad-ish week. Money troubles…hard to live through, hope you get that job–if it’s what you want–or, win the lottery, lol!!We are having a last blast of winter here, too–a few days ago I had the ac on, now today, had to flip back to heat. Oh, well. Have a good day!!!!!

  2. ooooh you are my bubba and how i wish i could just write you a big old fat check! boy, do i understand financial struggle and the necessity of doing what must be done to survive….i believe that you and casey, together, will make wise decisions for your family and eventually life will smooth out financially.  xoxoxox

  3. Its very cool here also.  Im just glad we had the much needed nice weather when we did.  I know I needed it and enjoyed every bit of it.ryc:  I never thought of Rowan as a name for a girl.  I really like that.  I just dont think my husband will be down.  He for some strange reason wants to name the baby (if its a boy)  Jorel or Kalel.  Im pretty sure thats Supermans Dads name and Supermans name.  I could be wrong.  I am not big on Cadillac either.  Who names there kids after a over priced luxury sedan?I hope things work out for you.  Working may not be so bad.  I often think about going back.Have a great day.

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