How weird is it that Kaia is playing nicely and Mina and Margo are doing quiet time and its….are you ready for this?….QUIET?! So I will take advantage of my boredom and do female_valet’s quiz.

Three names you go by
1.  Alicia
2.  Baby
3.  Mama (usually growled or shouted)

Three screen names you have had
1.  strawberrypointe

Three physical things you like about yourself
1.  My feet
2.  My freckles
3.  My shoulders

Three physical things you hate about yourself
1.  My weight
2.  My bad eyes
3.  My hair

Three parts of your heritage
1.  German
2.  French Canadian
3.  A teensy bit of Native American

Three things that scare you
1.  Cruelty
2.  My own weakness
3.  Losing someone I love, even a furry someone

Three of your everyday essentials
1.  Toothbrush/paste
2.  Clean Underwear
3.  Deodorant

Three things you are wearing right now
1.  Bra
2.  Blue sweatpants (very attractive, I know)
3.  An old flannel shirt

Three musical aritsts or bands
1.  Dixie Chicks
2.  Widespread Panic
3.  Jimmy Buffett

Three favorite songs
1.  One Particular Harbor by Jimmy Buffett
2.  Thank You India by Alanis Morisette
3.  In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

Three things I want in a relationship
1.  Laughter
2.  Friendship
3.  Love

Two truths and One lie
1.  My middle name is Kay
2.  I love to read
3.  My dog is named after somewhere I’ve been

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you
1.  I like big boys, over 6’2, at least 200 pounds, I’m talkin’ linebacker
2.  I like a sense of humor that matches my own
3.  I like a man who will take care of his family

Three favorite hobbies
1.  To read
2.  To watch crap reality TV
3.  To sleep

Three things you want to do badly right now
1.  Nap
2.  Excercise
3.  Shower

Three careers you are considering
1.  Back to the hotel industry
2.  Novelist
3.  Director

Three places you want to go on a vacation to
1.  Europe (France, Germany, Russia, etc)
2.  Spain
3.  Australia

Three kids names you really like
1.  Rowan Charlotte
2.  Jackson Robert
3. Kaia Blue (of course!)

Three things you want to do before you die
1.  Have lots more dogs and cats and maybe a horse
2.  Own my own home and paint every room at least three times.                3.  Watch Kaia grow up and Casey grow old

Three people you want to take this survey
1.  jerrycramer2002
2.  fairy_kisses112 (next time you are bored at work)
3.  agentlespirit


4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, I like the name Rowan too, like Brooke Shield’s daughter!!
    I have been catching up today on everyone’s entries and I love your disclaimer in your last one. “After all, different paths lead to different destinations, and I am confident in my own.”–That is so true. I feel the same way and sometimes I am also afraid of leading people to assume the wrong things just because I have a bad day. I completely understand what you were saying. ❤ Jenn

  2. Hello! Proudofourbabies is now back up and running and accepting pictures for the month of May. The theme is biggest smile. If you’d like to enter a pic the first 20 will be accepted. If youd like to vote stop in and read the rules at the bottom. Thanks Proudofourbabies.

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