Ahhh, so we had a nice boring weekend. We are currently cutoff from the outside world when we’re home so it was just us. On Friday we didn’t really do much…oh yeah, we watched “Dead Man Walking” but I was really tired so I fell asleep. On Saturday Kaia actually slept until 8:30 so I got to sleep in too! We went out to the end of the peninsula where there’s a bunch of state land and got some big rocks to put along the side of our patio. Normally I like to leave state land as I found it and would frown on everyone going out there and just helping themselves….but since we are normally like that I was able to turn a blind eye. We also went for a walk Saturday night down at the marina, the water in the middle was so deep, Casey guessed about fifteen feet (sorry mom, I thought he said 20 but I was corrected) and you could see all the way to the bottom! It was kinda creepy for me and every time Casey got close to the edge of the boardwalk my stomach skipped a little…The water is so different up here though, compared to what we are used to downstate. If you went to the beach in Grand Haven you could be ankle deep and not see the bottom, and for some reason the water up here is so clear. The water at the marina looked like a movie set or something, it was so perfectly blue and clear. (mental note: look up ‘clear’ in thesaurus).


Of course that night I dreamed that we were walking down there and Kaia was walking too (which she isn’t yet) and someone tripped and bumped into me and Kaia got knocked into the water. She was wearing the same red pants and striped sweater and because the water was so clear I could see her crying and the air bubbles. I was absolutely paralyzed in the dream, but also filled with a deep shame, because I was too afraid to jump in after her. In the end I did and she was fine, but then Casey was in the water and he was drowning and calling out for me to help him. But I knew if I put Kaia down she would fall in again, and I also knew that with how different Casey and I are size wise and how panicked he was, that if I jumped in he would kill us both with his fear. Then my old lady dog Whiskey is sitting on the grass behind me barking up a storm. I woke up after that and just couldn’t sleep anymore, I was too disturbed. I don’t often remember dreams and I’d rather not remember this one at all! But xanga will serve as my catharsis for the day and now I feel better having gotten it all down and out of my head.


Casey dug a garden plot for me and we’re hoping it will work but I’m not sure, simply because the lawn is really really shaded by huge old trees. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the leaves blossom on the trees. On Sunday we watched “Being Julia”, which was really good, especially the ending. I think she was robbed by Hilary Swank again for the Oscar, but I’m not at all a Swank fan anyway. Casey also swore he was indeed watching the basketball game, though his snoring could have fooled me. So I moved around Kaia’s room, our room, the living room and the dining room. I get so bored with everything looking the same, Casey hates when I move the whole house around but I like to do it so he puts up with me. I also hung curtains in our room to separate the bedroom part from the closet part. Its like another little room through a maybe six foot wide doorway, but the curtains almost hit the floor and it looks so nice to not have to see the clothes busting out our too small closet and the laundry all piled up. I also cleaned on Sunday.


Desperate Housewives was awesome, once again!! I was trying to explain to Casey what’s going on but he’s missed enough of the show to have no idea who I’m talking about. Lynette is my very favorite character and I would like to note again that the advertising campaign for this show makes is seem so cheap and sleazy, when its really not. It really does deal with a lot of serious issues that women and their families face. Just for an example: Bree is a very proper, conservative, church-going lady, never a hair out of place, three course dinners, etc. He son has just told Bree and his dad that he thinks he might be gay. Obviously this clashes with the way their son was raised and their ideal and beliefs. So now a part of the show is this family dealing with this issue. Its not all cheap sex and beautiful women. But anyway, they’re gonna have to start paying me if I don’t shut up about them.


I should get moving, I hear two people crying…I’ll be back to check your sites later, have a great day!! 76 degrees in TC!! Thanks to Medea00 for your font tips!




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  1. What a terrifying dream!  Ugh.  I only get those when I watch CNN over and over again.I loved Million Dollar Baby.  Its one of my all time favorite movies.  I have never had the chance to see Being Julia.  Have a great rest of the day.  Kelly

  2. Hey Kiki ~ we talked about the dream already and i still say don’t be mean to yourself about being afraid to jump in the water in a dream–besides you did jump in. it was just a dream. that’s all, bubba. just a dream. your casey and kai-bird are just fine. xoxo

  3. I agree with your mother.  It was just a dream.  But, so you won’t feel so strange about it, I will share an old dream of mine with you.  My son, who will be eighteen next month, was born when we were living in Philadelphia.  I remember going to one of the stores (I think is was Wanamakers) in Philly when he was about six months old, at Christmas time.  There was a courtyard in the center of the store which you could look down into from the floors above.  My dream is of us standing at that railing, looking down on to decorations in the courtyard (that much really happened) and William falling over the railing down to the bottom floor.  All I could do was stand there and cry “my baby, my baby” feeling helpless to get to him and help.  I have not dreamed that in quite a while, but I did dream it many times.  Even as I write this it give me chills.  I don’t know what it all means, but your dream reminded me of it again.  Maybe it comes from the part of us that wants to be able to wrap our children in bubble wrap and follow them around carrying a net to protect them from life.  Of course, we can’t do that.  The most freeing thing I think I was ever able to do was when I was able to release them completly into God’s hands.  That, of course, is where they were anyway.  I just needed to be able to accept that.   

  4. wild dream alicia!!  when i was just walking my mother said i fell off their dock in trufant a half dozen times, the first time she said i went right to the bottom, ( only about 4 feet of water) she fished me out by grabbing hair. That’s probably why i never have bad hair days anymore!!!! lol One time dad was suppose to be watching me, and he looked up and saw me crawling out of the lake, all mud!!! It’s amazng i ever survived childhood!!

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