According to queenoscots, this is a challenge that has been quietly snaking its way through xanga….You have to come up with however many facts equal the last two digits of your birthyear…unfortunately for me that is 79 facts…I don’t think I can think of 79 facts but will give it a crack by showing you all a few today…and since I don’t know where to start I will kind of follow her track…

1. I don’t remember the first boy I kissed.

2. I went to my first prom under the honor of being a freshman going with a senior foreign exchange student from Brazil. His name was Daniel and he was a perfect gentleman.

3. I know all the words to just about any song I hear more than twice. I may not be able to belt it out randomly but I can sing along with watermeloning…

4. I used to love Jem and her little friends, I even had a Jem doll.

5. I would like to have every single episode of  Mad About You on tape, but I don’t.

6. I have never seriously considered anything for a career, I am stuck in a state of constant indecision.

7. I can not stand to think of or look at snakes or worms or anything that slithers along. I don’t mind spiders and will not kill them.

8. My Casey was scouted by some big league baseball team while he was in high school, and I wish I would have known him then even though I doubt we would have ever gotten along in those days.

9. I have no counterspace in my kitchen and this bugs the life out of me. I am not a gourmet cook but when I do cook I need ROOM!

10. I do not snore.

11. I have never been married but will probably give in and marry Case one of these days. 🙂

12. I used to love doing dishes by hand and now I can’t bring myself to do them hardly at all because the filter tap on my sink runs so slowly. I remember helping with dishes at both my grandma’s houses, they both had a window over their sink and whenever we look at a new place I always look for that first. Unfortunately I do not have a window over my sink in my current house. Do you all remember what a solemn pride you took in being invited into the kitchen, the lair of adult women at family gatherings? Boy, it really meant something when you didn’t get shooed out with the rest of the kids.

13. I have skinny dipped I think one time in my life (and no dad, it was not in your pool).

14. I still remember a house we lived in in a very very small farming town called Conklin. It is strange to me how some things and years are unrecalled but I can remember detail down to the tile design on the counters and what my neighborhood friend’s names were and what their houses looked like.

15. I have had one ticket for speeding in my life and I was lucky because I was going about 65 in a 50 mph zone that also happened to be a work zone (down to 35mph)…it was one in the morning and no one was working so the cop let me off with ten over in a regular zone.

16. To me, a vacation is a chance to sleep until 10am, not having to make or clean up any meals, and not tripping over any animals. I should also add I would like to walk into a room and just once not step on a toy.

17. I was in the ER when I found out I was pregnant, and so sick I thought they would tell me I was dying, not pregnant!

18. And I should also take this opportunity in my tell-all to note that my child was not a surprise, she was “GASP” planned. And then everything else in our lives fell through.

19. I have had calamari and now that I know what it is I will not eat it again. And I also have a strong aversion to any kind of sea food and always have.

20. I don’t eat salad because I don’t like it. Although my father always offers me a bowl of it and snickers.

21. I don’t have a secret boyfriend (contrary to popular opinion, I know) but if I did it would be Denzel.

22. I have read thousands of books but not classics like Tom Sawyer or anything by the Bronte sisters.

23. I do love music and sometimes it can make me cry, especially the tenor part in the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and Jewel singing Ave Maria.

24. My favorite historical figure would probably be Abe Lincoln or Alice Paul.

25. I have monster toes, where my second toe is longer than my big toe. So does most of my family, and little Kaia.


And that’ll have to hold you for today, I have to make lunch for these people. I hope you all have a great day!



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  1. Who would skinny dip in Dad’s pool? Oh . . . errrrrYou should read Tom Sawyer, it’s REALLY good (not boring and sleep inducing like most classics–“Grapes of Wrath” GAG).YAY FOR MONSTER TOES!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!

  2. You must’ve gotten monster toes from your dad……don’t remember…but mine aren’t monster toes.
    I am proud to say that I didn’t any of your facts that shocked me or I didn’t already know.
    Woo-hoo for being Mom and Friend. 🙂 🙂

  3. I have never read The Bronte sisters books, but I have read Tom Sawyer. It is funny. One of my favorite classic books is, My Cousin Rachel. It is spooky and the ending always gives me goosebumps. It is by Daphne Du Maurier.
    Ugh, I have had 3 speeding tickets since I was 16. I haven’t had one in quite some time though.
    My toes do that too!! I am not alone in the world!!

  4. What fun!  The one that most caught my attention was #12.  A window over the kitchen sink is a must in my book, too!  Thanks for sharing~I’ll be back to read more.

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