GUESS WHAT?! My little daughter has a tooth! Just an itty bitty bit of one is through on the bottom, just enough to bite mommmy! I AM SO EXCITED! I keep touching it and I think she’s getting mad….

Yeah, LOST was amazing last night. I expected to feel more sad having watched the previews and kinda knowing what to expect…I was distracted by Kaia though so I guess I wasn’t as in to it as I usually am. I didn’t even watch Alias last night, I was too tired. I’ll have to ask Casey about it….

Thats my news for the day..I’ll try to get a picture of it…


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  1. Now THAT’s a picture I’d like to watch you try to get—-a tiny little white tooth poking through the skin—–like she’ll open her mouth and pull down her lip for you. Oh, you are a funny girl!
    On the other hand…if you can get a pix of her laughing, then you just might see that pearly white…..

  2. oh man..I missed both Lost and Alias! Let me know what happened, please!
    Yes I know all about the biting that occurs with those new teeth….my son got both his bottom at the same time. Of course when you first see that little tooth, you’re so excited you don’t really think about the biting 🙂

  3. awwww, the first step on the road to orthodontia, lol!! Congrats to your little big girl. I have “Lost” tivo-ed, my daughter and I plan to watch tonight, so I am avoiding all ‘spoilers!!’

  4. Congrats! My little boy just cut his first one a few weeks ago also! Now he has two and they are SHARP, aren’t they? I found this out because he likes to bite my fingers! LOL.

  5. Lost was soooooo good.  I dot know what I am going to do when the season is over.  I guess I will have to buy the DVD set with all the extras!  Coming out this summer I think!Yay for lil tooth!  Sounds painful actually.  Now they will all start coming in so quickly!

  6. Man, Lost was good last night!  Jack’s flashback reminded me of my own life (in fact, I wrote about it today), but the part about Boone made me sad.
    Congrats to your little one on that brand new tooth!  What a big day!

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