Ugh, I am such a whiner! Kaia has croup, which I did not know is viral and also that she will not die from it. Dr. Stuck said people used to die from croup, especially babies, because they would either pick up another infection or virus or because they simply could not stop coughing. So he advised adult Robitussin with a baby dose every four hours and she’s been mucho bueno.

I am quitting play practice for awhile. I feel bad but I obviously just don’t have the passion some of these other women have. The lady in charge devotes about 50+ hours per week and she is a volunteer too! To me there are just more important volunteer opportunities I would choose if I was going to devote that much time to it. So I feel kinda bad but I have to let someone know on Friday (opening night!) that I need a break and won’t be back for awhile, probably not until fall. Plus when you consider that by the time my little family gets home at night its 6:30 or 7, then I make dinner, we get the house straightened up, give Kaia a bath and get her in her jammies (I got some really cute ones at Walmart by the way, they had all their Carter’s jammies on sale for like $7. They are summer jammies, short sleeved with open legs and I picked the boy ones because they glow in the dark!), then get Kaia in bed its after 8. We eat and we are in bed by 9:30 usually (unless its Wednesday and Alias is on). My point is that while I spend all day with Kaia I don’t feel like I see Casey all that much. On the weekends there’s always something that needs to be done and he does it, yard work, repairs, etc. Anyway, like I said, I just don’t like it enough to be away from Casey and Kaia, plus the three of us are a little weird cult-ish, we really like it to be just us three, we’re big babies about being away from each other (I know I know, its only two hours, twice a week, but still)…so anyway. How many times can I say anyway in this paragraph?! Oh yes, and it was quite funny last night at play practice, they are doing their dress rehearsals (everyboody in costume, makeup, etc) and this one girl I have never seen was throwing a fit because who ever put the elastic in the cuff of her sleeve didn’t sew it in and cut it off, didn’t finish it, in other words. A very funny, no nonsense lady named Dale told her she’d need to take it off and we could fix it for her. She didn’t want to take it off. Its not that big a deal if you aren’t in costume because your costume is being fixed or altered, but this girl just wouldn’t do it and was getting all snippy and “can’t you do it NOW while I’m wearing it”…Dale was working on something else, as were the rest of us and so Dale tells her, “listen to me, sweet heart, you can take it off and I’ll have it ready for you tomorrow or, if you’re gonna get feisty you can damn well take it home and do it yourself!”….LOL, it was funny, the girl huffed off.

I have to get my CF letter put together today. For those of you who don’t know I have a very dear friend who has cystic fibrosis, an incurable disease affecting the lungs, pancreas, kidneys, etc. The average life expectancy for a CF patient is in the mid-thirties now, Stef is 25. If you want to learn more about it go to   and I think while you’re there you could click on the CF Walk link, find the Shields’ team that is walking in Grand Haven, Michigan on May first and make a donation to us! Casey and Kaia and I are doing the walk for pledges this year, hence the donation letter I need to get in the mail. Thats the two of us in my profile pic spot, that pic was taken almost ten years ago!

My mother is coming! Yippee! Haul out the hide-a-bed! I am so excited, now I will brainstorm and think of fun and enriching field trips, delightful, healthy meals, and what to do with cats while she is sleeping so they don’t bug her….

Also, any amatuer gardners out there?….I know I can’t spell….but anyway, should I have sprung for the $2.50 bag of starter soil for my peet pots and my veggies and flowers? I just dug dirt up out my yard and put it in the pots and put my seeds in. Also, I have been trying to keep it all wet like they say to, but where the heck am I supposed to put it where the peet pot can be saturated if it has to also be in a warm, sunny place? I can’t put it outside, it still gets down into the thirties at night, so I have it on a windowsill on many layers of paper towel…any tips would be appreciated…

I should go, it looks like rain here today, the whole western sky is that hazy dark blue color we get when a storm is rolling in over the lake. Smells like rain too…talk to you all later! Have a great day, and thanks too for your kind words on Friday. I try not to get so frustrated but sometimes its hard, you know?


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  1. Wow! I couldnt agree more about the play situation. And croupe sucks. My mom warned me about it becasue if ALex ever got it she didnt want me to think he was dying because it sounds like you are. It is scary. I hope you have a great time with your mom. And I think Alex has the same jammies.

  2. Hey! It’s raining here too! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I wrote it. : ) I actually was planning to add to it the other day, but became sidetracked.
    I feel for your baby! Croup, ick! When my daughter had a really bad cough last winter, the doctor also told me to use adult robitussin. I was pouring the children’s stuff down her and it wasn’t even affecting her! Now, that is what I use whenever she starts getting a cough, in the baby dropper dose of course! LOL.
    : ( Sorry, I am no good at gardening! Wish I could help! Everything I plant it seems does real well for a little while then just dies a sudden tragic death!

  3. Wet paper towel will do the job–just keep it wet and water the top a little at night too.
    Outside dirt might not have the nutrients of fresh plant dirt. Bethkes in GH always had such gorgeous plants because they are big users of Miracle Gro. I know it makes my plants a lot healthier too. A box of Miracle Gro will last a long time and I don’t recommend buying a generic kind of fertilizer. So you might even consider putting some sprinkles of Miracle Gro.
    Don’t worry about the cats. It’s not like a cat has never crawled on me! lol!
    Yah baby I’m comin’ to Michigan! Kiss your little bubba for me.

  4. Benjamin just got over the croup.  He has had it twice and I will never get over that sound when they cough.  Ugh!I dont blame you on the whole play thing.  Family first!  Havea good time with your Momma!

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