Grrr. I have a stupid WIC nutrition class today, I wish there was someone I could say this to: Listen to me. I am not an idiot. I may not abide by the rules of good nutrition for myself all the time but I do not feed my 10 month old peanuts and potato chips as a matter of course. She does not drink Tang or Kool-Aid from a bottle. I put her to sleep on her back and I don’t let her stick her fingers into electrical outlets. Please, please, don’t make me come to these classes anymore. I have never learned anything, I have never been told anything I did not already know. It is a huge pain to haul three children all the way across town for twenty minutes of blah blah blah. Thank you for your time, please give me my coupons. Here is my address, you can mail them to me from now on.

On a brighter note, grandma and grandpa came yesterday. I was very surprised but very happy to see them, we haven’t been together since Christmas. Grandma brought me a quilt that I really liked but thought Casey would hate (because its a quilt, god forbid, and because its pink and green) but he didn’t even look twice at it. She also brought me an Aldi bag of magazines to look through and said she and Grandpa wanted to buy us a bed! That was a shocker! Our bed is so crappy, boxsprings cut in half years ago to fit up a narrow stair case, etc, plus its a double and while I am smaller some of you may not know that Casey is 6’4 and weighs about 250 pounds. So I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, things are tight enough right now that we couldn’t buy a bed any time soon, so I will buy a bed and I will sleep without a backache! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!

Anyway….Kaia is also going to the doc today. I’m so confused because I know its ok that she’s not teething yet, but then I almost think she might be and I’m blind or something. (Not that the kid will let you pry her mouth open and look in…) For exactly 31 days she has had a runny nose. Poor kid has to take a deep breathe before she takes another long drink on her baba, because she can’t breathe through her nose. But she hasn’t had a fever, she hasn’t acted strange or not wanted to eat, and the drainage has been clear. Now she has developed a deep chest cough that wakes her up when she tries to sleep. I have tried Dimetapp and Children’s Tylenol Cold and Flu without result. I called the doc yesterday and made her appointment after she started coughing while crawling across the living room and finally had to lay down her on tummy and just cough and cough and cough. Poor baby, I hope its not allergies. I’d be so sad to give up my cats…well all but one of them anyway. So I guess Dr. Stuck will tell us what’s happening today at 4. (Yep, he’s doctor stuck and my OB was doctor bump, lol, I’m serious!). Well I should get these girlies some breakfast and get dressed, no use showering for WIC, no one else seems to, but I will for doctor Stuck, just to be nice. Here is a question though for all you mommies: When your baby got to a certain age did he/she start trying to get out of the bath seat? Kaia’s seat hooks on the lip of the tub and then she sits down in it, she’s been trying to get out. What did you do if/when you encountered this? Its not that she doesn’t like baths, she just wants to be free to zoom around the tub. Ideas appreciated. Have a great day! 


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