Hello everyone…watched LOST and Alias last night, Alias was awesome, we laughed our heads off (which was the point)…we also got a great thunderstorm, every time it boomed we listened for Kaia but she slept right through. Now we’re just crossing our fingers that we don’t get snow or more cold weather, it was almost 65 yesterday!

Anyway, probably some of you have seen the comments left on my last entry from a_theist and whatever the number is. I’m not going to continue going back and forth with someone I don’t even know. The only reason I posted on his site anyway was because I was curious to see what he had there after some comments he left for my brother, aprecheriam. But I guess I should know that in all things, Jared can handle himself and doesn’t need his big sis jumping in. I hope you all are having a great day. I’m tired and wish I could take a nap…my grandma is coming to see me today! Yippee! Talk to you all later.


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  1. I dont watch Alias but I love LOST.  I always want more after its finished.I hope you have fun with your grandma.  I cant wait for mine to visit me someday.

  2. Yeah, I wondered about those comments…it seemed kind of weird!! My daughter and I bond over “Lost”, our favorite show. We each have our fave guys to gaze at, lol. We got the storms too–now its chilly but the sun is trying hard to come out!!

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