Short and sweet today…costume room was humming last night, there were seven women including me, all of us doing something! I didn’t realize they start their tech rehearsals next week! Where the hell did March go?! I was sent home with a blouse that needs darts in the front and on the collar (done), a huge white eyelet dress that needed the green ribbon ripped off so we can repurpose it for Carousel (done), and a huge striped skirt that needs a four inch hem. Thank goodness I have until Monday for that one….Thats about it for today, nothing exciting going on…Kaia and Casey both have colds and my nose is drippy but I’m gonna OD on vitamin C and see if I can’t fight it off. Its all the weird weather we have, 11 degrees at night 42 degrees all day…rain then snow, etc, etc, all the weather that preceeds Spring….Hope you have a great day!


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  1. Hey Girl! I sure hope the colds wont last too long. They can be miserable. I am so glad you are enjoying your new home. Its nice to have your own soft place to fall.

  2. Hello, there, lady–after having to shut down my poor xanga due to weird tech. difficulties, here I am back under a new name. Hope that other shout-out I had given you was okay, but then I disapperard so not many people saw it!! Your entry was amazing though. Enjoy the “spring weather”, my kids all started Spring Break yesterday and of course all are sick and it is snowing. Fun times!!!!!!

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