I also would like to note that Erma can be serious, I had read this before and didn’t know she was the author. It will be for Kaia.

“Dearest Chuck, since this letter is for no one’s eyes but yours, I can tell you that I have always loved you best. Maybe it was because you were the first miracle to stir inside me. The first hint of my immortality. You were a part of the lean years for your father and me…the part that brought laughter to poverty, warmth to cold, success to failures. You were the original model. There would be others that would come after you who might blow bigger air bubbles, burp louder, talk earlier, walk faster, or ‘ go potty ‘ sooner, but you did it all first. You may have suffered a bit from our inexperience with open pins, clumsy baths, and overprotection, but you got something better. You got our patience, our stamina, our youth. You got the part of us that was the best we had to give. Our struggle and our triumph over it. You were Hamburger Helper. You were redeeming bottles for movies. You were fresh grandparents who woke you up when you were asleep to rock you back to sleep. You were six volumes of baby pictures and a set of encyclopedias. You were house calls for gas pains. You were strained lamb. You were the beginning. You were wanted and you were loved.  Mama”


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