Ha! I have ordered a Pilates video and we will just see if its crap. The thing that sold me on it was (aside from getting it for seven bucks on amazon) that they had ten reviews on it and one of them said how she hated videos where you had to jump around and do all sorts of weird dance moves…I hear ya sista! Plus I liked that its in two 20 minute segments, so I’m thinking I can do 20 in the morning and 20 when Kaia goes to bed. Ooh, I just had a heart attack when I remembered that I didn’t specify DVD….phew, its on DVD and I didn’t have to ask for it. Anyway, wish me luck. I’m sick of fitting all these skinny 19 year olds (which certainly says something, they are only 19) and sick of the boxes and boxes of clothes that are too small sitting in the storage room. I’m hoping once it gets warm I can walk with the girls too, although I would need about two hours to burn the calories I could burn in 30 minutes if I walked alone. Maybe I will swim instead…hmmm…

Went to play practice last night, tacked the cuffs on a jacket for the Moliere show, sewed a button on a vest for Carousel and was sent home with a skirt for Carousel that needs to come up six inches but can’t be cut…..at least I have a week to work on that one as it will probably need pleats inside the hem to lie flat and I have never done that before…..I guess I’ll learn, I mean how hard can it be? As hard as having a child in two and a half hours without my epidural? I don’t think so.As hard as simultaneously checking in three tour buses full of Tulip Timers and making six reservations via telephone? Nah. As hard as sewing pleats in a skirt so the hem will lay flat? Yep.

Erma says ” If it was a matter of money, there isn’t a mother I know in this world who wouldn’t have chipped in a few extra bucks to have the kid completely assembled, trained, and ready to take on long trips.”



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  1. To comment on your last entry . . I wanted to let you know that Green Stamps are now Green Points.  They work the same way as your mother explained but they are now compurterized so you don’t have to keep track of the stamps.  Each time you shop there is a section on the receipt that tells you how many points you  have.  There is a local grocery store here and one I know of in Pittsburgh, that uses them.  They are great.  I have used them to buy gifts and food. 

  2. Good luck with Pilates.  It is not my thing for sure.  I love to run but its hard to do with Ben.  I really loved my bun and thigh roller but am always having to upgrade on the resistance bands.  Have a good day.Kelly

  3. good luck with the pilates, that is what i need to do. i was  leaning toward lipo-suction, but my doctor said that it wasn’t recommened for shedding 10 pounds. lol but i do need to get in shape  too. i like doing laps in the pool before i go to bed at night, it makes me sleep good. love ya!!

  4. Yah baby, you do it! I have a Jane Fonda step aerobic video but am not interested in it. Maybe I’ll see what I can find that I can do at home too. I know that lifting light weights is recommended to prevent osteoporosis. Just holding a can of corn and doing arm lifts is good. I don’t know about taping a can of corn to one’s leg before walking however……….lol!

  5. Hi! I have a pilates video.. It looked good but I rarely had time to do it. As far as Alex was concerned he was over the height and weight limit for the infant carrier at 5 months. I was told by our doctor that when they can sit by themselves to change to a convertable car seat that faces backwards for safety. Then at 9 months Alex was above the height and weight requirement for facing backwards. Although it is technically against the law to move him forward facing we also knew that it was unsafe backwards if he was over the limit. Plus, he was super strong. So, we went ahead and moved him forward. It made a huge difference!

  6. Never have tried Pilates, but I recently started a ‘Bodypump’ class at my health club, which uses a barbell(!!) that you change to be heavier as you grow used to the class. I also walk my dog for ‘ultrawalks’ while Shorty is at preschool. I am discovering that the older I get, the more I need to work on resistance stuff, which they also recommend for prevention of osteoporosis. I bet the Pilates will be great for your flexibility.

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